Friday, December 30, 2011

Ulta Lilac Chrome and After Party

I decided to kill two Ulta birds with one stone by layering. I started out with two coats of Ulta Lilac Chrome and topped it off with two coats of of Ulta After Party. After Party consists of small mauve, red and silver glitter in a clear base. It would take too many coats to wear After Party alone (at least for me), but I love how it looks layered over a light color as this. I will have to try other layering combos in the future, but for now I'm enjoying this manicure...

On it's own Lilac Chrome is a sweet pink with a subtle pearly shimmer. I was impressed with how well it covered for being such a light color. No VNL after just two coats. Photos here with a top coat...

I think I didn't realize how long it has been since I've worn pink until I put this polish on. My taste in polish has changed so much from these sweet shimmery polishes to the dark vampy ones and everything in between. However, I do think that they all have their place. This was like a breath of fresh air. Such a sweet color!

Swatch Details
Brand: Ulta
Line: Salon Formula
Color Name/Number: Lilac Chrome
Number of coats: 2
Top Coat: Yes

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

How do you feel about colors like this?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I think the two shades layered together look really pretty :-) Lilac Chrome on its own isn't the kind of polish I'd wear myself but it suits you!

  2. The 2 colors look great together! The mani is so pretty and girly, absolutely love it! :)

  3. nice looking combo :-D
    happy new year :-D

  4. I really like the way you combined those two polishes together.

  5. Thanks so much! It has been a while since I've worn these types of colors :)

    @Jessica, VNL = Visible Nail Line. I should try to remember to spell it out next time :D

  6. Wow! Another great duo. Generally pink and red are a no-no together in my books... But in glitter form it = YAY!!!
    You saved this pearly pink... I don't tend to wear those very often ... Lol

  7. @Marta, yes usually they don't go, but I think the silver helped incorporate it. And it has been so long since I've worn a pearly pink... crazy :D

  8. The layered look is absolutely stunning!

  9. I have a question about this brand - I was given a bottle; I painted my nails some three hours before going to bed, but the next day I woke up with "sheet nail art" - and 24 hours later it was not completely dry, I could still leave marks on it. Is this normal?!


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