Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Avon - Violetta Sparkle Stamped with Gleaming Gold

Yesterday I showed you Violetta Sparkle from Avon and based on all your sweet comments I think you liked it as much as I do. Today I have for you a continuation of that manicure. As I mentioned my cousin got me not one, but two polishes. The second one is a gold foil  is named Gleaming Gold because she knew how much I wanted a nice gold for stamping. So, I decided to do exactly that and stamp with it.

The polish itself consists of superfine gold foil particles which makes it perfect for stamping. The foil particles in this are finer than other foils I have tried so far. I intend to wear this polish on its own soon so I will post swatches when I do. I stamped using a pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-210. Just for fun I rotated the pattern in different directions for each nail. Lucky for me, my nails are currently short enough to allow for that. I love how this turned out and hope you do to!

Detail of the stamping...

Look, I've got two hands ;)

Let me know what you think!
Do you have a favorite stamping gold?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I am absolutely drooling! This is so beautiful! I really need to pick up these new BM plates, I love the designs on them.

  2. Ooh, very pretty! I think I need more Avon in my stash (and Bundlemonster).

  3. I have used the stamp before and just love it!! This is really great!

  4. I love it! Personally, I like Miss Sporty gold for stamping but I tried Barry M Gold Foil recently and that worked really well!

  5. Lovely, subtle stamp! My favorite golden stamp polish is China Glaze 2030...

  6. Love it! Can't wait to see the gold on its own :D

  7. this mani is sooo beautiful & elegant!!! I really like it!!! ;)

  8. I love this mani! The color combo is great and your stamping is flawless! :)

  9. I love your idea! The rotated image looks really cool :D All in all a beautiful manicure! I absolutely wanna see a swatch of this gold! I will order it next month then :D

  10. Thanks so much ladies! I'm so happy with the stamping as well.

    For those of you wanting Bundle Monster plates.. you will not regret it. They work really well and have beautiful full nail designs.

    I'll will try to swatch the gold soon! :)


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