Monday, December 12, 2011

Avon - Violetta Sparkle

I have one of the sweetest cousins ever. She was ordering stuff from Avon and got me two polishes plus some nail rhinestones for no reason at all (well, other than she knows how crazy I am about nail polish :D). One of the polishes is this one named Violetta Sparkle. It is a dark purple base with golden copper flakes. A really gorgeous polish and perfect for this time of year. This is the first Avon polish I tried and I can officially say that I'm impressed.

It applied well with full coverage in two coats...

A closeup shot to see the flakes...

Swatch Details
Brand: AVON
Collection: Nailwear Pro
Color Name/Number: Violetta Sparkle, N241
Number of coats: 2
Top Coat: Yes

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

A big thank you Allochka, I love it :)

Have you tried Avon polishes before?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. How nice of your cousin :D I was really impressed too when I tried my first Avon polish, they're really great! I just can't stop ordering them now :D

  2. This is pretty! I love the flakes in it :-) I haven't tried Avon polishes before but this may be my first...;-)

  3. This is a beautiful color. I've seen it in the Avon catalog, but haven't ordered it... yet. I really like Avon polishes. I think they are easy to use, come in great colors, and are reasonably priced. Just my thoughts anyway :)

  4. Wonderful polish, I love these golden flakies!!!

  5. This is a stunning polish! I ordered this from my Avon girl and they shipped the wrong polish, so I have to wait a while to get it. Grr! Oh well, at least I get to keep the other one. Anyways, this looks amazing on you! Way to go Avon.

  6. I gave you an award ! :D Make sure to check it out on my blog ;)
    Seeing this color on you, makes me wanna try mine again... I didn't like it the first time I wore it :P

  7. I don't have any Avons in my stash. I might need to change that! This reminds me of the Zoya fall collections, the way the gold flakes are in there so beautifully. :)

    btw, TAG you're it!

  8. The worst part about these brands is having to buy by catalogue. Well, Avon does have a few stores, but not many.

  9. Wow! I love that gold shimmer!

  10. Those flakies are amazing! I need this

  11. Looks really beautiful :) I've never tried Avon products, but I've heard they're really good quality

  12. This was my 1st time trying Avon too. I was really impressed with the quality and love the color. I'm glad that all of you liked it too!
    I guess I'll have to find an Avon lady soon :)

    @Theodora & Leslie, Thank you so much for the awards and tags! I will post them soon :D

  13. You're more than welcome cuzzy! <3
    The color is beautiful in pictures, i can really see the purple. Enjoy!

  14. @Alla, thanks so much! I'm glad you approve of the swatches :D

  15. You won't believe me, but my neighbour literally bought me this shade and the gold one a few days back. She knows how much I like nail polish and she ordered these when she placed her Avon order :D
    They look great on you! Can't wait to play!

  16. @Marta, some people are just so sweet! I cannot wait to see what you do with these two... they go so well together. Enjoy! :)


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