Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoya Nina

So it must be Monday. Know how I can tell (well besides looking at the calendar...)? Because it's just been one of those days already and it is only a little after 10am this morning. I started out the morning with spilling half a bottle of acetone all over myself (mind you I spilled the 1st half a few days ago all over my computer). I'm so glad that I always transfer from the large bottle to smaller ones for daily use... So after cleaning up and actually using the acetone for it's original purpose by removing last day's manicure I swatched Zoya Nina.

Zoya Nina is a rich dark chocolate brown cream. It just looks like I dipped my nails into yummy chocolate (the last thing I need this morning... I would probably burn myself). I applied two coats, and that is all it took for this to be completely opaque and smooth. Application was great. These photos are with no top coat as I had a plan... ;)

I even ventured outside to show some natural light photos (and get my daily shot of fresh air). I completely forgot about the alarm and just opened the door. You should have heard the wailing!!! I think it woke up the whole neighborhood... at least my bf was wide awake after that... :S

It was cold and overcast, so no pretty sunny photos today.

What do you think of Zoya Nina?

OK, so here was my plan (why no top coat)...
I got my free Hello Kitty plate from the Born Pretty store last night. I have never tried stamping before so I decided to just try my luck with this free one and see how I liked it before I order any of the plates I see others playing with and have been drooling over... :D

Here is what I got:

So remember I said it is one of those days?
Well I took everything out of the package and put some nail polish on the plate... ran the scraper over it... looks good... put the stamping tool on and nothing transfers. Hmm, what am I doing wrong?

I know! I read on some blogs that you need to file the stamper down a bit so the images transfer better. So out comes my nail file and a gentle filing is done.

Try number two... some polish on the plate, some scraper action.... and... nothing transfers... darn it, I must have a broken plate (grooves are not deep enough??)... so I run my fingers over the grooves and guess what? Yes, that's right! PLASTIC COVER!!! Seriously? Rolling my eyes at myself right now...

Try number three.... polish, scraper, transfer to stamping pad? Yes! Success...
By the way, I used a random gift card out of my wallet instead of the scraper I got (the sound of metal against metal and the scratching just made me cringe...)

Here is what I got (I wanted it to be light), as I randomly tried some some of the designs. Not too bad for my 1st stamping. Now I have to order more plates to play with :D

Hope you didn't have any issues with the extra long post... :)
And please, any tips on stamping would be greatly appreciated!!!

Brand: Zoya
Collection: Vibe
Color Name/Number: Nina, ZP451

Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor free
Vegan friendly

Thanks for reading as always :D


  1. Mhmm, very pretty! I love such vamp shades...and the pattern is lovely too.

  2. Haha I did the same with a plate once. I was seriously scratching my head 'til I realised it had plastic on it :p
    The colour is absolutely gorgeous! And I have to say again how much I love your blog. Your little swatches and your swatch page are perfect x

  3. Thanks!

    @The Nail Buff, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to do it :D
    And thank you so much for your very sweet words about my blog! I'm glad you like the swatches page, never know if people actually look at it or not :D

  4. Good luck with stamping, it's fun, right? :)

  5. So funny, I saw this gorgeous brown on you and immediately thought, "ooh, I'd add just a bit of a gold accent", and then I scroll down and you'd stamped on it in a gold-ish color on the first nail!

  6. @PrncessSarah02, Thanks so much!

    @ritterbraten, I definitely need to get more plates... just got my feet wet and I like it already :)

    @ABOP, I like the gold color best as well (just love brown/gold combo in general). I'll need more practice and brighter colors to stamp with :)

  7. 1) I love that unique shine that Zoya polishes seem to have. It looks great!
    2) This post inspired me to give konad-ing a try and my BornPretty order is en route!

    I'll post the results of this potential disaster on my new site (not as pretty as yours).

  8. love dark nail polishes! this one is so pretty. my other favorites are OPI Lincoln Park after Dark and Black Cherry Chetney

  9. @Shbecky, good luck with stamping. I'm still trying to get the hang of it myself, but I like the results so far :)

    @Olga, those are both gorgeous! Both on my wish list for sure :)

  10. I didn't know this Zoya polish but it's really pretty!!

  11. @Nailderella, Thanks! I love the dark colors... can't get enough :D


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