Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bundle Monster Plates Are Here!!!

Woo Hoo! I finally got my Bundle Monster plates in the mail last night. I was so excited to see all the designs up-close and personal :D

They came with this lovely protective blue covering... blue so that people I would not get too excited and try to use it with the tape still on thinking there is something wrong with the plate... you know, like I did last time...

Here they are all laid out in order. I left this photo original size so you can really zoom in to see the details... go ahead just click on it ;)

Yay! I'm so excited, off to try them now...

Thanks for looking,
Anutka :)


  1. Yay! Enjoy your new plates! :)

  2. They look cool! I'm still thinking if I should order them, I'm always afraid that my nails are too long for the images.. :(

  3. @Ice Queen, Thank you! I'm so excited to use them :)

    @ritterbraten, full nail images are 5/8th of an inch in height. How long are your nails?

  4. thanks for showing every plate!
    I'm still wondering if I will buy them or not... With the 1st set, I encountered difficulties with some of the designs...Have you?
    However, I especially love whole-nail designs and with this set there are so maybe...!!

  5. @Nailderella, I have not tried the 1st set. I have read that people had problems with the designs being too small to cover the nail. This set has bigger whole nail designs.

    So far I have not had any problems, but I have not tried too many plates. I will post as I try them and let you know if something doesn't work :)

  6. Hei! Where can I buy Bundle Monster plates? Tnx! P.s.: I'm from Europe :)

  7. You can order them from
    I believe they ship internationally as well!

    Or you can by through Amazon, but still ships from BundleMonster:

  8. Oh thank you. Do you maybe know how much does it cost? I hope its not too expensive :)

  9. If you go to the links that I mentioned, they have all the information and pricing. They are $21.99 for the set of 25 plates. :)


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