Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cover Girl Snowflake Frost

After wearing dark on my nails, I was in the mood for something nice an light. This is Snowflake Frost from the Cover Girl Nail Slicks collection. It is a very pretty sheer pearly metallic color. Depending on how the light hits it, it is either very pearly/shiny or barely there transparent. I applied 3 coats and the nail line was still visible.

The visible nail line doesn't usually bother me, but with this polish at certain angles it looked dirty and streaky instead of the pretty pearly color I wanted. I decided to try it over white, to keep the white pearly color, but hide the nail line. I used French White Cream from Wet and Wild underneath the CG Snowflake Frost. I really like how it turned out. Looks like I'm wearing pearls on my nails. Will do this combo again for sure.

This is two coats of French White Cream followed by two coats of Snowflake Frost and a topcoat...

Here is a little side by side comparison... Snowflake Frost by itself (left) vs Snowflake Frost over French White Cream (right).

Brand: Cover Girl
Collection: Nail Slicks
Color Name/Number: Snowflake Frost 020

What do you think? Is it better on it's own or over white?


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  1. What a lovely polish! I know pearls aren't to everyone's taste, but I think they can be so classy! I particularly like it over white x


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