Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zoya Comparisons: Mikka/Yasmeen/Valerie and Sam/Sloane

I got some requests on facebook to compare some of the dark colors that I got in my Earth Day order, so here they are :)

First up are Mikka, Yasmeen, and Valerie. Each of the three in person look completely unique from the other two. Mikka is a plum purple with a really fine shimmer. Yasmeen is more purple than Mikka and has larger purple and copper shimmer particles. Valerie has a similar base color to Yasmeen, but is just packed full of purple, reddish, and copper glitter (much larger particles than the other two). You can click on the images to zoom in for a better view.

This is two coats of each of the colors + a top coat. They are super rich and pigmented, but also easy to apply.

Since it is raining outside, I could not get really nice sunshine photos, so I took ones with direct lamp light (which I usually really dislike to do) to show the glitter in Valerie and the shimmer in Yasmeen and Mikka.

The second request was to compare Sam and Sloane. These two are just worlds apart. Sam is a deep red jelly with no shimmer at all (see swatches from yesterday's post) and Sloane is a shimmery dark purple. Again, since they are both dark it is hard to see the difference on the small images, click on them for more detail.

This is three coats of Sam and two coats of Sloane. Both topped off with a top coat :)

I cannot wait to do a full manicure/swatch with all of these. Hopefully the weather will cooperate more and I will get some better photos! :)

Thanks for looking :)

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