Friday, May 13, 2011

Earth Day Zoyas Have Arrived!!!

My Earth Day Zoya's have finally arrived! I got all but two of the colors that I ordered. I had been tracking their progress daily, and even growled a little when I saw this message on the FedEx site "Arrived at local Post Office - Allow one to two additional days for delivery." Really? Seemed like they were holding my polish hostage and only 10 minutes away... LOL. I'm happy to say they all arrived safe and sound yesterday. I was so excited when I came home last night (too bad I couldn't even share with you because of Blogger issues... OK letting that go now :)

They arrived in cute little Zoya boxes. The boxes have holes along the sides.... for breathing?... wouldn't want them to suffocate? ;)

Top row (L-R): Isla, Stacy, Sam, Nina, Angelina, Anastasia, Cheryl, Rihana, Mikka, Yasmeen, Valerie, Ibiza
Bottom (L-R): Lucy, Sabrina, Stephanie, Sari, Bela, Portia, Marley, Adina, Kelly, Dovima Matte

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have a slight weakness for really light/sheer colors and for dark/blacked colors. I had ordered a lot of the polishes of my Zoya wish list and didn't even realize that they all fell into the above two categories... really light and really dark... shees, I'm so predictable... :D

Any suggestions/requests on which to try first?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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