Friday, May 6, 2011

Milani Blackberry Baby

I'm starting to feel like a blog about weather... "since it is sunny today I'll wear..." and "it is still gloomy today so I'll wear..." I'll try to do that less in the future, although I can't promise anything :)

Today I chose one of my favorites since the weather is still sucky (sorry I just had to... :P ).
Blackberry Baby from Milani just seemed to jump out at me this morning. It is a rich velvety red with purple undertones that just screams high class. I have a really soft spot for these deepened red/purple colors. I'm sure I'll be showing more of them soon!

It is just so rich and pigmented that it only needed 2 coats plus a top coat to look like this.

Isn't it yummy? Like Blackberry jam...
Do you love these colors as much as I do or am I alone in this? ;)

Brand: Milani
Collection: main line
Color Name/Number: 49 Blackberry Baby

Thanks for reading! :)

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