Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sally Hansen Plum

Happy Saturday everyone... yeah, I know it is almost 5pm around here and too late to be wishing people a happy Saturday, but I have been having a nice and lazy day so it is still happy to me :)
Today I decided to play around with a new polish I got from the Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails line called Plum. It is not a new color, but new to me. I'm calling it my 9 cent manicure. Why 9 cents? I got this polish a few days ago at my local Walgreens. It was on sale for $1.09 and I had a $1 coupon for Sally Hansen polishes... so yes, I got this polish for 9 cents... well technically, this manicure is less than 9 cents because I could still paint my nails quite a few times using this polish ;)

Plum is a very pretty jelly polish. It was opaque after two coats, but I used three to get it even and "squishy" looking. It has a bit of a tendency to drag, so a really light hand is needed to get an even coat with this one.

It was pretty, but seemed to be missing something. I decided to add black tips using a technique I have seen on other blogs using tape and craft scissors. In particular I was channeling Chloe's Nails as she does some of the most amazing things with the tape and has tutorials as well. For the black I used Wet n Wild Black Cream. This was my 1st attempt and I have to say I like how it turned out. I will have to play with tape more now :)

Outside you can really see the where the name Plum comes from. No sunshine pictures today as it is overcast again :(

Have you tried this technique before? What do you think?

Brand: Sally Hansen
Collection: Hard as Nails
Color Name/Number: Plum, 76

Thanks for looking :)


  1. I'm always amazed at how the same color looks so different on different skin tones! I love this with the funky black tips too.

  2. I agree, skin tones makes such a big difference!

  3. This looks great! Love the colors together :)


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