Monday, May 9, 2011

Zoya Grace

This weekend ended up being a bit of a hectic one trying to host a mother's day brunch. Everything went as planned and my house is even a little cleaner than when we started. We had mimosas, ate great food (I was in a food coma for the rest of the day), and had a great time... at least as far as I know :)

My manicure was Zoya Grace. It survived all the cleaning, cooking, dish washing, and still managed to look great. It is a sheer creamy peach/pink. It would work well for a classic french manicure, but I love these colors on their own as well.

This is outside in the shade...

With the sun peaking through (not full sun...)

This cute little birdie decided to watch and see why this crazy lady is photographing her nails...
As you can see it was cloudy and overcast, so the sunshine pictures are not full sun by any means...

Besides the really dark colors, these sheers are another big weakness of mine. I have a few more Zoyas coming in my Earth Day exchange order :)
I applied three coats and it was just right for me. Truly lives up to it's name, so graceful!

Brand: Zoya
Collection: Spa Essentials
Color Name/Number: Grace

Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor free
Vegan friendly

That's all for now :)


  1. I'm also starting to love sheer colours! I keep in mind this "Zoya Grace" because it looks really great! BTW, you've got very pretty nails!

  2. Thanks so much! You are sweet :)


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