Saturday, February 25, 2012

Barielle Wool You Marry Me? Gets Stamped

In keeping with the theme of manicures inspired by the color name, Barielle Wool You Marry Me? provided a few options. Since a marriage manicure didn't seem appealing, I focused on the wool part of the name. Wool made me think of sheep and sheep made think of little curls. To be fair, I must confess that I first tried drawing little sheep and failed miserably (my bf will attest to that), so I settled on just the curls. The curls were stamped using Sally Hansen Celeb City and Bundle Monster plate BM-201. The tips were added using tape and Celeb City. I think the silver really brought out the red in Wool You Marry Me?...

I would love to know what you thoughts are on this...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. It was a good idea to use this BM image to resemble the sheep's curly hair! The mani looks very elegant, I love it :)

  2. Oh this looks great! Nice combo! I really like this pattern and have used it a few times in different colour combinations.

  3. Looks great. Love the color combo so neat :)

  4. Love this combo! I could never get all those details to come out on a stamp, I'm so jealous of your stamping skills!

  5. I love the color combo in this manicure!

  6. I am loving this too! I'm going on eBay tomorrow and see if I can find these browns you're teasing me with!

  7. @Nail Stories, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the curls :)

    @nailXchange, thank you! I am a fan of this patter as well and it always stamps great.

    @rmcandlelight, thank you so much! :)

    @Angie, what are you talking about? Your stamping skills are great! Some patterns stamp better than others so don't blame yourself :)

    @minngo4s, thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

    @Fingers, sorry to tease! Glad you like the browns :)

    @Carolina, thank you so much! :)

    @Nailstyle, thank you :D


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