Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shimmer Tammy and e.l.f. Lilac Glitter Jelly Sandwich

Playing with all the pretty e.l.f. jellies from the Summer Ready collection, I couldn't fight the urge to create a glitter jelly sandwich. It really is such a wonderful way to play up their strength. I chose to pair Lilac with the gorgeous Shimmer Tammy* which is a purple, gold, holo, hex, bar glitter bomb just waiting to explode...

I sandwiched one coat of Shimmer Tammy* between two base coats and a single top coat of e.l.f. Lilac. Most prominent of the glitters under the jelly top are the hex black and gold glitters peeking through. There is a wonderful depth to layering such combos that I'm crazy about...

I've previously swatched Tammy* over a dark base and loved it, so I really wanted to see how it looks over a lighter color and it did not disappoint. It plays so well with both end of the spectrum. The black hex is much more prominent over a lighter color. To be honest I didn't even notice it when I swatched it before and had to do a double take...

A closeup of the gorgeous glitters. The one thing that my camera couldn't capture is the holo. There is a lot of small, hex and bar holo glitter in the mix here. Sadly on the swatches they just appear silver...

A quick reminder of what Tammy* looks like over a dark base. The lighter color come out to play more and the black just disappears. I love that this glitter works so well with both a light and a dark base. There is something to make it special over any polish...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Polishes marked with an asterisk (*) were provided to me for my honest review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
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  1. Thank you for this gorgeous pairing and swatch! I love it so much! <3

  2. wow, Tammy is gorgeous!! It looks great over both colors!!

  3. This is gorgeous- I wish my jelly sandwiches came out looking this nice!

  4. Great sandwich this is supremely pretty!

  5. Great jelly sandwich !! These polishes work perfectly together!

  6. @Shimmer, thank you for the gorgeousness that is your polish :)

    @Nailderella, thank you! I think it works beautifully over both as well :)

    @Ameerah, Thank you. Don't give up on yours. Sometimes they just take the right polish combination :)

    @Lacquer Lockdown, Thank you so much! :)

    @nicnacknails, I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you :)

  7. You really paired this glitter well. I am more and more interested in glitter polishes (I really wasn't into them before). A whole new world has opened up to me ;)

  8. @Marta, Thank you so much! I also had a hard time using glitter before the glue trick. And sandwiching them with a jelly polish is my favorite! Makes them work appropriate and not to mention interesting in an instant :)


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