Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Missing Plate Mystery Solved!

Nearly a month to the day that I posted about my poor little BM-210 missing, it was found! I know you were all worried sick about it so lets all just breathe a sigh of relief. The little monster has returned back to be with the rest of the bundle. The sneak must have been waiting for a comfy spot in the new plate organizer before making an appearance...

It all started with new office furniture and an attempt to evict polish from the work space. You see, the office used to be occupied by one huuuuge table which took up most of the room. It also doubled as my polish station, leaving no place for my boyfriend to sit. We have been struggling to find a solution to the problem for way too long. Finally we found tables that worked for both of us and bought two of them to put in the place of the old one. This is mine, all assembled. Isn't it cute? The second one is still just a bunch of boards in a box and we've got no energy to touch it...

What does this have to do with the missing plate? Well, when my boyfriend was taking apart the old table to move to my craft/ future polish room (Yippie!), he found it! It had literally fallen into one of the cracks and out of sight. So sad!

I'm just excited that this story has a happy ending after all! Thanks again everyone for your support, suggestions for finding a replacement, and most of all for not giving up hope ;)

P.S. On a completely different topic, I reworked the tutorial for the tea bag nail repair to make it more condensed with less blank space (which was driving me nuts), so take a look at it again and let me know what you think :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. glad she found her way home to her awesome owner <3

    Guess it is a sign to do another nail art stamping with the long lost baby eh haha

    So happy ~!!

  2. Ох, Bundle Monster - моя голубая мечта. А эти засранцы не шипят в Россию ваапченикак :((
    Здорово, что все хорошо кончилось! Рада за вас :))

  3. Fantastic! She's back home where she belongs (in her holder)!

  4. @Karen, Yes! I'm so happy to have it back safe and sound :)

    @Samantha, I'm so glad as well and yes, there will be some manis with it coming up :)

    @vicerimus, spasibo! Zhal' chto oni ne posilaut v Rossiu, eto tak sstranno. I Amazon tozhe ne posilaet??

    @Shannon-Lee, she spent the night safe and sound in the new holder. So happy to have her back :)

    @Karen, Me too! Thank you so much :)

  5. Oh YUPPIIIIE!!!! That is soo exciting! I am sharing in your happyness to have the whole stamping family in its entirety again ;)

  6. @Marta, they are so thrilled to be all together again. It was quite scary for a while :)


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