Monday, August 1, 2011

Cosmetic Arts Fairy Dust...

I debated if I should post this or not because I don't think the photos truly represent the color and I couldn't get any better ones. This is a multi-colored, holographic glitter from Cosmetic Art. It is manufactured by Forsythe Cosmetic Group which is the same company that produces Color Club nail polishes. The name/number sticker was not on the bottle so I think the name is Fairy Dust by looking at the company's website. If anyone can confirm/correct this it would be great!

This polish looks like what you see in the photos below indoors with no direct light on it. As soon as the light or sunshine hits it, the nails just lights up. However the camera refused to photograph it :( ... I applied two coats of the glitter and two layers of topcoats for this manicure...

Outside in the sunshine, the camera still didn't capture the true beauty of this glitter.

I don't usually like blurry photos, but this was the only way I could get some of the colors on camera. As always any of the photos are clickable to zoom in!

This was definitely a fun color to wear. I cannot wait to layer it over different colors...

Brand: Cosmetic Arts
Collection: Spring
Color Name/Number: Fairy Dust (I think) - please let me know if I'm right/wrong if you know!

DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde Free

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. this is gorgeous! love the density of it, just right - not too much, not too sparse.
    bet it would work great for some frankening projects too! ;)

  2. so sparkly!! i definitely know what u mean when u have such an amazing glitter and the camera just doesnt do its justice!. but i love the blurry picture! i can so tell it sparked in the sun! love it.

    just wondering. have you tried it over another color? how does it look?!

  3. Thanks girls!

    @Anissa, I will have to try it for frankens for sure! :)

    @McDiaz, any colors you would like to see it over? I have not tried anything specifically yet! :)


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