Monday, June 13, 2011

You Snoose... You Loose... :P

I wanted to enter Spooky Nails Animalistic Nail Art Contest, but did not have much time to really play with my nails and paint what I wanted until my day off on Sunday. I didn't notice that the entries needed to be in by midnight her timezone, so with our 9 hour difference, by the time I sent it in, she replied that I was 16 minutes too late... Oh, well, you snooze, you loose... In any case, check out the contest and vote for your favorite!!! There are lots of cute entries :)

My inspiration for this was a cute little bunny that runs around in my neighborhood. Someone must have gotten it for Easter and then either let the bunny go or it ran away. First time I saw it was the day after Easter and I have seen it a few times since then! It is a little brown bunny. The gray one I added to keep the 1st one company because I always think it must be lonely in my neighborhood with no other bunnies to play with :D

I had a blast painting these and cannot wait to try more nail art next time! Plus, now I get to show it to all of you... :P

These were fun to draw, but I wouldn't actually wear them out to work or anywhere serious... what about you? Would you wear something like this out?

Thanks for looking :)


  1. they are so cute, I need to say that only reason that I didn't include your mani is that I posted all entries already :<

  2. @sabbatha, please don't worry about it! I had a lot of fun with these. You gave me the inspiration to try something new! I will be more timely for your next contest :D

  3. This is soooo adorable! We also have a little brown bunny running around our neighborhood..perfect job of capturing the cuteness :)

  4. Thanks girls! These were way too fun to paint :D

  5. This manicure is sooooo cute!!!

  6. LOVELY! I wish my hand was more steady, I would love to do something like this.

  7. Thanks! :)

    @Roxy, just give it a try! It doesn't have to be perfect to be fun :)


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