Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze - Raspberry

This next color from the LA Colors Shimmer Brights set is just in time for Pink Wednesday. Although I can't commit to wearing pink nail polish every Wednesday, every now and then it is fun.

This is a sheer jelly packed full of mostly pink/raspberry glitter. Every now and then sparkles of other colors appear, but they are hard to catch. It took four coats to more or less cover the nail line. In other words it was still visible when looking closely, but not enough to make it distracting. Next time I will definitely layer this one over an opaque polish in a similar raspberry color. This is a great color for summer!

I was hoping to catch the glitter outside, but we are back to 60 degrees and rain :(
Wearing bright summer colors must not be enough to entice summer to start...

I stamped this one with Zoya Sam using Bundle Monster plate BM-206. I like the combo of these two colors. The stamping made this manicure a slightly deeper raspberry color which I love...

Here is a picture of the BM-206 plate that I used for the manicure...

Hope you are having better luck with weather than I am :)

Brand: LA Colors
Line: Color Craze
Collection: Simmer Brights
Color Name/Number: ??? (calling it Raspberry)

Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP free!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Very Cute.... Im going to try to find this one!! One of those .99cent stores near my job has tons of LA COLORS...

  2. Beautiful color and the stamping looks great! Btw, I was your 100 follower ;)

  3. @Plish Amor, I hope you will be able to find it. It is a lovely color... Please note the actual name is not Raspberry. I don't know the real name and am just referring to it by the color :)

    @Nails By Desire, I'm so excited to have 100 followers! Thanks so much :D

  4. Oh yeah I have noticed most of the LA Color polishes dont have name.. the last few I bought surprisingly had NAMES... i was shocked...

  5. @Polish Amor, I have a feeling they all have names, just when they put them in a set they don't feel the need to write the name for some reason. :S


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