Friday, June 3, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze - Black

I'm just going to put this out there for anyone that cares... I'm sick and tired of this weather! Yesterday it was a "balmy" 55 degrees F and pouring rain! What happened to spring? Grrr!

So I thought about it long and hard and decided that maybe, just maybe, if I wear bright spring/summer colors whoever controls the weather will wake up and switch the channel!!!

I got this lovely Shimmer Brights Series from LA Colors Color Craze a few days ago and I'm hoping that this is just what my plan needs. Over the next week or so I will swatch the seven colors of this collection and by the time I'm done can it please be nice out?! :D

I started with the darkest color in the set - a shimmery black. Why the black? Well because by the time I'm done swatching this collection, I'm hoping it will be gorgeous and sunny outside and black will be the last color I want to wear... no pun intended :)

I have to be honest and say that I'm not even sure how the black fits into this collection as it seems to stand out like a sore thumb among all the bright colors. They could have at least packed it full of colorful shimmer, but who am I to tell them what to do?... ;)

Now finally on to the manicure! This polish is black with a silvery/white microshimmer. This is two coats plus a top coat...

Outside I caught a brief break from the rain...

I do like this color because I happen to like most dark colors, but I think it belongs in a different set. Also I'm calling this color "black" because the polishes and the packaging don't list any names/numbers. I tried searching online, but even the LA Colors website was not much help. I emailed the company so maybe I will get a response. Does anyone have a clue what these colors are named??

Brand: LA Colors Color Craze
Collection: Shimmer Brights
Color Name/Number: ???

Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP free!

Thanks for reading!
Anutka :)


  1. I got a set like that earlier this week but mine doesn't say Shimmer Brights. I guess I'll swatch mine this weekend to see how mine compares with yours.

  2. What an awesome black *is in love*

  3. I got the same exact set at Ross a few weeks ago. Looking forward to the rest of your swatches!

  4. @Poetic, I would love to see swatches of your collection :)

    @Clair, it is really pretty!

    @ABOP, I found mine at Marshalls, but I have seen this set at Ross as you said!


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