Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun with Girl's Night Manicures!

Saturday I had a great time with some good friends. After dinner and a walk the girls and I thought it was a great time for some manicures. There were toes involved as well, but I will have to disappoint anyone that would have liked to see those... no toes on this blog unless they are mine with a tropical sunset in the background! As the boys quickly ran off to play basketball, the girls dug in to explore my stash and pick out bright summer colors.

The clear polish of choice that night was Essence Colour & Go in Everybody's Talking About. Both Alla and Diana chose this bright pink for their manicures. It is a gorgeous choice for summer!

I asked them all to model for me so you could see the results and lucky for me they agreed. There were lots and lots of photos due to serious concerns over fingers looking too fat, too skinny, too crooked, too old, too wrinkly, etc... hopefully I ended up choosing ones that won't offend anyone :P

First up is Alla sporting just one coat of Everybody's Talking About and looking great! :)

Diana chose to spice her's up with some stamping using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City and Bundle Monster plate BM-212...

Anna from Snacking in the Kitchen chose a manicure in her favorite colors, orange and turquoise, both from the LA Colors Color Craze Shimmer Brights that set I've been wearing this past week. Check out her blog for some great recipes, restaurant reviews, and more...

On first stamping attempt the pattern was not quite right (using Bundle Monster plate BM-203)...

In the second round a denser pattern was used and the manicure came out looking great with this color combo! This one used the BM-223 plate.

As for me, I started working on my lime LA  Colors manicure that I didn't finish it until the next day, but here is what it looked like when I was done...

I had a blast hanging out with the girls and I cannot wait to do it again!!! :)

Please note that the poses themselves were self inflicted, but I do appreciate them very much, they turned out great :D

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. That was so fun!!! And I do love my orange & turquoise combination. Next time - toes! LOL

  2. I can't wait to do it again too! Had a blast <3 - Alla

  3. I've missed it! So I've painted them on my own! :( Not as much fun as would've been with you guys, but I did the toes as well! - Svetik

  4. Glad everyone had fun! :)
    I'm already excited for next time...

    @Svetik, I will let you know next time for sure... this was a last minute one. What color did you paint yours?


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