Sunday, June 12, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze Recap...

I have to admit that I am relieved to be done swatching the collection. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast playing with all these colors and I like them a lot, but I didn't like knowing that my choice in the morning was so limited... all the other colors were screaming "pick me, pick me" and I had to resist :P

So here they all are one more time...

Black - A very shimmery black that didn't seem to quite fit in with the other bright colors, but aside from that was gorgeous. I was hoping that by the time I was done with the collection it would be sunny and hot and I wouldn't want to wear black, but it is still overcast and looking at these swatches I want to wear a dark color again :)

Blue - A shimmery metallic blue that was opaque in 2 coats. I tried my hand at some gold stamping, but my gold was not gold enough.

Sea Siren - My favorite color in the collection is this turquoise. It doesn't have the glitter or shimmer that the other colors have, but it is gorgeous on it's own and does have a hidden shimmer when it is in the sun. P.S Thanks to lovely follower ABOP for the name of this polish :D

Current - This one required four coats and still didn't cover up the nail line. Other than that this is a fun shimmery lime green. I stamped it with the Turquoise from this collection and it turned out to be a nice color combo.

Orange - Another one that required 4 coats to cover up the nail line. It is very shimmery and looked great out in the sun. I'm not a big fan of orange on me, but it was fun with Zoya Kelly stamping and would be great for a Halloween mani...

Raspberry - This one also required 4 coats which is sad because the color was a win for me. Adding Zoya Sam stamping helped cover up the nail line more and gave it a nice subtle pattern and a slightly deeper color.

Purple - My second favorite was this shimmery purple. It only needed 2 coats and was packed with glitter for a for a wonderful shimmer. I almost ruined with with white angled tips, but it turned out OK in the end :)

Here are the little swatches of this collection that are up on the swatches page. You can always quickly access any of the posts from there simply by clicking on the swatch! :D

If you know any of the actual names for these please let me know!!!

"Lime" = Current NP414
"Turquoise" = Sea Siren

LA Colors Color Craze - Shimmer Brights

So, which was your favorite?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Pretty colors! I love the turquoise shimmer and black. :)

  2. I really like the lime one... <3

  3. Turquoise was my favorite for sure!
    Lime was really cute, but needed too many coats :(

  4. I have the green one and find putting white on underneath REALLY helps. Then u only need 2 coats and it doesn't look so transparent.

  5. @EmmyLu18, I think layering white is an excellent idea. A similar lime cream would prob also work well :)


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