Saturday, November 3, 2012

A little reward...

Some of you might remember the disaster that wiped out nearly all of the photos off the blog. It was a huge mess that took way too many hours to restore. Just thinking about it now still sends chills down my back. Never again! Among the wonderful comments of support were suggestions that I should reward myself at the end of the whole fiasco. I thought you all made a very convincing argument and here is what I decided to treat myself to...

Cheeky jumbo plates A, B, C, D, E, I ( - $39.99 for all 6),
2012 Cheeky set of 26 stamping plates ( - $19.99 for the set)

KleanColor Metallic (from Nail Beauty 4 U at - Shipping was extremely quick (ordered Monday, recieved Friday). All polishes arrived safely. In all my excitement I accidentally ordered two of the dark blue ones and even with that I paid $11.70 for all 8 including shipping cost. I got these primarily for stamping since I heard how well the work...

The full rainbow of metallic polishes...
Left to right: Metallic Fuschia, Metallic Orange, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Green, Metallic Aqua, Metallic Sapphire, Metallic Purple...

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection. This photo doesn't do them justice, they are so pretty real life. I'm not a Twilight fan in the slightest, but when it comes to these Essence beauties I'm a huge fan. Still sad I couldn't get my hands on the part 1 of the polishes...

Left to right: Jacob's Protection, Alice Had a Vision, A Piece of Forever, Edward's Love....

And this little beauty from OPI named DS Mystery. It is not new, but I recently spotted it at Ulta and just couldn't resist...

What do you think of my reward? Too much? Not enough? ;)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Oh my... You even provided the links to buy! Thanks, and looking forward to seeing all your new art.

  2. What a great haul :). I'm really interested to see how well those Kleancolors stamp.... Keep us posted!

  3. Awesome haul !! I bet those Kleancolors would stamp well :) I love DS Mystery :)

  4. Yay! How fun to treat yourself! I hope you enjoy your goodies! :)

  5. WOW! That's a great reward! I'm looking forward to seeing how well the Klean Colors stamp :-)

  6. You can never treat yourself too much in my opinion ;)
    I mean, if you don't do it, who does it? ;)

  7. Your hauls looks amazing Anutka :) I should go hunt out those plates too. Will be waiting to see some nail art n reviews on them ya?

    HaVe a great weekend~!!

  8. awesome!! how are those round Cheeky plates? are the full sized images a good size? looking to purchase some more plates but avoiding ones that would leave space on my nail because they aren't big enough.
    i hope to see a review!!

  9. Rewards for hard working girls are NEVER too much! Those plates look amazing, and I'm looking forward to see how the polishes work for stamping.

  10. Heed my warning! Be very, very wary of Kleancolor Metallic Green! It turns your nails BRIGHT, INDELIBLE YELLOW. I can't get it off, not with the methods you mentioned, not with hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste, lemon juice, scrubbing, acetone, nothing. I've had no such problems with Metallic Orange or Metallic Blue, it's just the green (and others have had the same problem!)

    Also, I've only tried to stamp with Metallic Yellow, and had kind of shoddy luck with it. It dries very quickly on the plate so you really have to rush it, and it gunks up the design much more quickly than other polishes. It CAN work, but you need to hurry and clean the plate between every 1-2 stampings.

    Thank you for all the fantastic content you upload, you're my favorite blogger to read! <3 I'm glad you spoiled yourself!

  11. Nice haul. I found DS Mystery on clearance at my Ulta a while back, I couldn't believe it. I LOVE the Kleancolor metallics, they're fantastic.

  12. YAY So glad you rewarded yourself, I get chills just thinking about it for you! I have the 2012 cheeky set and I really love it! the kleancolor metallics really are the best to stamp with as well;) can't wait to see your creations!<3

  13. Looks like an awesome reward! I can't say I've seen a DS Mystery look like yours!

  14. There's no such thing as too much retail therapy after a disaster! Ok, well maybe there is a limit. But I think this is a great treat for yourself. :)

  15. I'm glad that everything is back to working order now (though I'm sure it took a lot of work on your part)... it is always lovely to treat yourself to something (any reason will do).
    I ordered one of the XL cheeky plates also... waiting on it to arrive ;)

  16. wow, this is really 'the' award :D
    maybe i should reward my self more often ;)

  17. Hehe! I'm so glad you like my little treat although granted it wasn't really so little. I'm hoping if I call it so than I won't feel bad if I want to buy anything else. As some of you pointed out, if I don't spoil myself than who will ;)

    @Kalee, the full size images on Cheeky are maybe just a hair smaller than the ones on the Bundle Monster 3 set. Here is a size comparison chart
    I will try to make my own soon! :)

    @Brittany Conroy, thank you so much for the photos and your tips! I'm being very cautious with the KleanColors. I've noticed they stain my silicone stamper. Not sure I'll wear them solo without a super duty base coat...

  18. Great reward! But, you are right, after all you passed through you deserve any single thing that you bought! :-)

  19. @Tanja, thank you so much! Now I just need to reward myself with time to play with all of it :D


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