Friday, August 12, 2011

Practicing my dots...

This manicure was inspired by a set of stickers I bought with my last ebay haul. The stickers didn't work out at all (read below for details), but they gave me a fun idea and here is what I ended up with...

Outside, overcast...

For this manicure, I started out with two coats of Zoya Grace and added a white tip with Wet n Wild French White Cream. The petal dots were made using Wet n Wild Black Cream and the center dot using Sally Hansen Celeb City...
And here are the stickers that started it all... When looking at the auction item before purchasing, I thought the stickers were just the black flowers and the white was a placing suggestion. Turns out it isn't, the white is part of the sticker as well, which is where my problems began... 1st, the largest sticker isn't wide enough for my thumb... 2nd, the stickers that were wide enough for my other nails were also too deep (about 1.5x my amount of free edge) and I don't want my nails any longer than they are now... 3rd, with the size selection available I would need 2 sets to do a full mani... so needless to say, these really didn't work for me...

They did give me an idea though as I looked at them closely. The flowers were made up of black dots with a silver dot center. Something I could definitely do with a dotting tool. Plus, I could place flowers wherever I wanted, not just on the tip, so I did... and I liked the result more than the stickers :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. love it, super cute! looks way better than the stickers

  2. I like your design much better than the stickers, anyway! Very cute, you did a great job on them. :)

  3. Nice french. ♥ The added flowers look lovely!

  4. love it! might try it sometime!!!

  5. You girls are all so sweet! I had so much fun with the manicure! Glad you all like it :)

  6. Very pretty! Gotta try smth similar! :)

  7. The dots are GREAT! You did an awesome job and the mani is SO cute! I love a french with black/silver accents. I'm gonna have to try and recreate this. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. this mani is so great! love the jazzed up classic french mani

  9. Thanks girls :)
    I'd love to see what yours turns out like :D

  10. I like what you did better than the stickers. I have bought a few packs of those french manicure stickers and they don't fit my nails. Those are child size. If you don't have tiny hands they won't work. I have my dad's man hands lol. I hate it but it's what I'm stuck with. Oh the mani!!!

    You can see my man hands here LOLOL

  11. @Kellie,
    Thank you! I'm glad that you like it better than stickers. I can understand how it is hard for them to make the perfect size for everyone...


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