Friday, August 5, 2011

Lucky Lavender...

This polish came about in the process of trying to empty the little blush bottles yesterday. The darker of the two pink polishes didn't fit in the 'poo' bottle so it went into another bottle destined for disposal. That bottle had a mix of two Sally Hansen sheer colors which I no longer use. I reviewed them here when I first started this blog and have since then gotten quite a few new sheers which I like a lot more.

This franken contains about half and half of Sally Hansen Sheer Ivory and Sheer Vanilla topped off with the darker pink from the blush mini polishes set and some SuperNail Silver Rush glitter thrown in for fun. I call it Lucky Lavender because it was destined for disposal, but I ended up really liking this soft lavender so it gets to stay :D

This is two coats plus a topcoat...

In the sun...

in the shade...

What do you think? Did it deserve to stay? :D

Brand: Wacky Laki Blend
Collection: N/A
Color Name/Number: Lucky Lavender

Thanks for looking!
Auntka :)


  1. I love the color! Kind of reminds me of ChG No Way Jose!

  2. Thanks! Turned out to be a keeper :)

  3. Awesome! Some of the best frankens are those that were destined for disposal.

  4. Isn't that so true? And I love giving them a 2nd chance :)


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