Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 4 - Green - Maybelline La La Lime

See how fast my nails grow? It is like magic... ok, so maybe more like slightly cheating because this is a manicure I wore a few weekends ago (pre nail break). When my bf and I went out of town for his birthday I asked him if he had any color requests and much to my surprise it was "lime"... I was happy to oblige, it was his birthday after all, but have not gotten a chance to post about it since we came back. I figured it would be perfect for the 4th day of the challenge which is green.

The color is La La Lime from Maybelline. The formula is nice although needs a pretty quick hand as it starts to dry and get stringy. I applied three coats + a topcoat for full even coverage. It has a gorgeous micro-shimmer when the sunshine hits it...

In the shade...

Brand: Maybelline
Collection: Express Finish
Color Name/Number: La La Lime, 634

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I love green!!! And sadly I just broke a nail so I will be filing mine down as well! I'll share your pain!

  2. Какой симпатичный цвет. И шиммер ему ну очень помог, прямо преобразил на глазах.
    С таким только на пикники ездить)) сливаться с природой ))

  3. This is one of the many colors in my untried pile. It looks great, though. I really should give it a shot.

  4. i love the shape of your nails..so perfectly squared! & the color too of course!

  5. I hope your bf loved this birthday mani. The colour's so fresh!

  6. @Fingers, I like cutting them down, but only by choice... no choice this time :(

    @Antallex, spasibo! Vot mi i esdili s nim na ozero i piknik :D

    @Emily, it was in my untried pile for a long time too... glad I tried it :)

    @Noir Lacquer, thank you!

    @Maria, thanks so much! :D

    @Witoxicity, he liked it, but said it was not lime enough... :P


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