Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Awards...

I was recently tagged with four blog awards! I am so honored that these two ladies deemed me award worthy. Thank you so much!! :D

From Ruxi at Une Ruxi a Paris, I got the Best Blog, Blogger Luxury and Inspiration Award
From Minnie at Mini Nail Blog, I got the One Lovey Blog Award

The rules are different for all the awards, so I'm going to condense them and do what they all have in common...

The Rules:
- Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
- Share random things about yourself
- Pass the award on to other blogs

Award goes to...
I'm passing this award on to 10 blogs... 
please forgive me if you have gotten this before :D

Facts about me...
I'm actually re-posting 10 facts about me from when I got the Kreativ Blogger Award because I'm just that lazy this morning... sorry to those that have seen this before :D

1. I was born in Belorussia, hence the name of my blog... Laki means polish in Russian
2. I am a reformed nail bitter. When I was about 12 years old, I made a bet with a couple of good friends to see who could hold off biting their nails the longest. That summer we all quit biting them :D
3. I have the first bottle of polish that started my addiction (about 25 years old and direct from Belorussia). There is not enough in the bottle to even swatch, but I just can't let it go...
4. I love getting a good deal on things (as witnessed by my excitement over my first Ulta trip...).
5. I love country music for which I get teased by my non-country music loving friends.
6. At one point I wanted to have my own business carving candles and even took a class to learn how. My mom talked me out of it (thanks Mommy!!!) and I became a pharmacist instead. Now I just carve for fun :)
7. Other hobbies include making jewelry (you can see a few at the bottom of this post) and decorating cakes
8. I suck at painting other peoples nails. As much as I love to paint my own, when I try with someone else, it always comes out sloppy. I don't have good coordination polishing toward me...
9. I really dislike when other people do my nails, which I why I very seldom get a professional manicure. They just never come out the right size or shape. I'm also very particular that they all have to match... and that never happens when someone else does it, so it is easier to just do it myself.
10. I don't like feet/toes. I can tolerate my own and even give them pedicures, but other people... just please keep your toes away from me and we will remain friends. This is another constant source of amusement for some friends... :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Значит, мы землячки :)))

  2. @MADA, you are welcome :)

    @Natalia, Kak interestno! A gde ti seichas?

    @Biba, thanks so much! :D

    @Ruxi, thanks agaiN!

  3. Thanks for the award! Your candles are amazing! I used to see these types of candles while vacationing in Hawaii and always wondered how they were made. That's cool how you're talented in many other arts as well =]

  4. Thank you! I have seen them in Hawaii as well! I love how they do the pineapple... that one is beyond me :D


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