Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blush Skittles...

I bought a set of mini polishes (0.18oz) each with the sole purpose to empty them out and use the bottles for frankens. I like to mix in small bottles because there is less waste if it doesn't work out. Before emptying them out, I decided to give them all a small chance to stay...

Each color was swatched using two coats plus a topcoat...

In the end, the only one that survived the cut was the dark blue... somehow it convinced me that it deserves to stay for now. I'll be doing a full mani with it soon :D

The bottles are cute, but I discovered while cleaning them that they leak. The cap doesn't close tightly enough so the acetone kept leaking out from under the cap while I was cleaning them. I guess they won't be used for storing frankens... just for trying out different color combos...

I poured most of the colors I did not want into a larger nearly empty bottle of topcoat that I am no longer using (for proper disposal later... next Zoya earth day promotion? :)). I won't show you the result of that mixture because let's just say the color was a not so lovely shade of brown... :S

The darker of the two pinks didn't fit into my 'poo' bottle, so it went into other bottles waiting for disposal and I kind of liked the result so I'll show those soon too... :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. That IS a really pretty blue!

  2. omg lol while scrolling i thought in my head she probably one kept the dark blue polish, and thats exactly what happened ;p

    <3 BB

  3. @Jade, the orange was pretty too, but not unique enough to stay LOL :D

    @Amber & BB, I was actually surprised how much I like that blue! 8)

  4. I was thinking the blue too cuz you don't like the ones where the nail line shows. Do I know you or what? ;) ~Alla

  5. the bottles should be fine to store polish in; acetone is thinner than nail polish which is why it leaked.

  6. @Alla, you better ;)

    @Anonymous, you are probably right, the polish will not leak, but I am assuming air can get in and dry out the polish :(


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