Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tutorial: Cheerleader

I decided to try my hand at making tutorials on this blog, as this is something I really enjoy and hopefully you will find useful. I would love to know what you think about it.

This is a tutorial for the cheerleader nails I was sporting yesterday...

To do this manicure you will need:
- Two contrasting colors, one for the base, one for the tip
- Scotch tape (I usually prefer transparent tape, but thought the matte magic tape would be more visible for this. However, the magic tape tends to rip, so I wouldn't not recommend it, if you will be trying this...)
- Striping tape of any color
- Scissors to cut the tape
- Tweezers to handle the striping tape
- Qtip or brush w/acetone (not pictured) for cleanup

Starting out:
- Start out by applying 2-3 coats of base color and letting it fully dry

Step 1:
- Cut the tape to make a 90 degree angle
- Place the tape on your nail so that the corner is in the center and facing the tip

Step 2:
- Add striping tape on the tip above the Scotch tape

Step 3:
- Apply a coat of the contrasting color to the tip

Step 4:
- Quickly, but carefully remove both the Scotch and striping tape while the polish is still wet

Step 5:
- With an acetone (or nail polish remover) soaked Qtip or brush, clean up around the nail

All Done!
- Apply a topcoat and you are done!

Hopefully you found this useful. Let me know what you think...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. this is so simple and cute! i love it.. specially because it reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys colors. hahah i'll give this design a shot:D

  2. Круто, спасибо! Добавила в закладки :)

  3. Great tutorial! Very clear steps, Rah Rah! *\o/*

  4. Wow, it looks great and super easy =).
    Tnx for this tutorial =)

  5. Amazing. Thank you for your amazing tutorial:)

  6. I love this! I just found your blog and am a new follower!

  7. Thank you so much everyone!
    It really means a lot to me to hear that you like it. I'm really having fun making tutorials so more coming up for sure :D

  8. wow it looks soo clean! I need to get myself some of that striping tape and try this out

  9. Как аккуратненько, заглядение! Уверена, что на правой руке, как бы я не искрючивалась, даже близко такого не получится..

  10. @heartNat, it is fun! you should definitely try it :)

    @Antallex, spasibo! S etoi lentoi ochen' legko sdelat' okuranto dazhe na pravoi ruke! :)

  11. The colour contrast packs a punch here. You make it sound so simple in this tutorial. I always have problems with tape. :P

  12. Try transparent tape, it comes of cleaner than the matte one! :)

  13. Where can you buy. Striping tape?!?!

  14. I got mine from ebay seller:

    Look through their store or contact them for current listings

    Also, a lot of people get it from The Born Pretty Store, but it is more expensive than ebay: http://www.bornprettystore.com/color-line-nail-striping-tape-design-lines-p-231.html

    Hope this helps

  15. Awesome idea!!! I actually think it is perfect for Halloween.

    I've included your design into my Ultimate Guide: Halloween Nail Art -- check it out here: http://stylesprinter.com/ultimate-halloween-nails-guide/


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