Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Arc de Triomphe!

Hi Lades and Gentlemen?! At times or fairly often for me all it takes is the polish name to get my imagination going in that direction. I guess one could say I'm rather easily influenced, but I like to think that I'm easily inspired. This manicure is one of those cases and although parts of it didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, I still love the idea. I will try to give it another shot some day, but for now I'll show you this attempt...

The base of the manicure is Polished by KPT Triomphe-nt Night from the recent Paris & Me collection. Inspired by the polish name, I wanted to have a little Arc de Triomphe as an accent and of course the stars play with the "night" part of the name...

For the Arc, I created decals using the Cheeky Jumbo plate 3 (European Romance). I stamped the arc using KleanColor Black and then colored it in with the gray Polished by KPT Cloudy Days Go Away. After applying the decal to my nail, I sealed it in with a top coat which sadly smeared the stamping. Maybe it decided that Arc de Triomphe needed a bit of an aging effect? The main part of this manicure that I'm not pleased with is that the arc appears to be floating in space. I should have placed it closer to the tip of the nail and given it a base. Unfortunately I didn't have time to remake it so floating arc it is...

I stamped the stars from Cheeky plate CH5 using KleanColor black...

I would love to know what you think of this manicure!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. What a pretty gold. Love this mani!!

  2. great job... very very beautiful..
    I love stars like this..
    Eva -

  3. This is so pretty! I love the stars.

  4. What a gorgeous mani Anutka, as usual.
    I love the base, so mani sparkles. Your Arc de Triomphe is fabulous. Made me want to go to Paris again. :-D


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