Sunday, October 5, 2014

31DC2013 Day 31 - Honor Nails You Love

Today is the final day of the 31 Day Nail Challenge. The challenge for today is to honor nail you love. I chose to create a manicure inspired by Christina of Let Them Have Polish. It was a while back that she posted a photo of her thumb nail on Instagram with this design. It reminded me of bubble chocolate and I knew that I would have to recreate it some day...

For this manicure, I used 2 Zoya shades from the Naturel Deux collection. Zoya Emilia and Chanelle remind me of yummy chocolate on their own. Zoya Emilia is the perfect dark chocolate while Zoya Chanelle is the smooth and creamy milk chocolate shade. Used together is a delicious combination in it's own right. I used a base of Emilia and then added dots of Chanelle with a dotting tool. It doesn't get simpler than this...

Even a photo with some bubble chocolate before I "ate it all gone" as my 3 year old niece would say...

And this ladies and gentlemen completes the 31 Day Nail Challenge! Time to celebrate! Stay tuned for a recap of all the challenges :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Polishes were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. That chocolate looks delicious! And I also love your mani. :)


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