Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I've mentioned before that my boyfriend and I don't really celebrate the holiday besides exchanging the "Happy Valentine's Day" greeting. Matter of fact I will be working this evening leaving him to fend for himself as usual. Since I work in a hospital, I thought I would do something to fit the theme. The beeping of heart monitors is well ingrained in my head and although I will not be working in the critical care units tonight, I thought a rhythm strip manicure would be fun. I will say however, that anyone with an actual rhythm strip that looks like this would not be having a happy Valentine's Day... so maybe this is an anti-Valentine's Day manicure after all?...

The base of this manicure is two coats of OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, a gorgeous red with a golden fleck shimmer. I stamped the rhythm strip from Mash plate Mash-38 and the heart from Bundle Monster plate BM02 using Essence Stamp Me! Black stampy polish. Playing color within the lines, I used a small detail brush and OPI Goldeneye to fill in the heart outline..

I hope you are all having a wonderful day regardless if you celebrate the holiday or not!

Thanks for looking and commenting!
Anutka :)

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  1. Lol, you're right about that, nobody with this kind of rhythm will have a happy V Day :))). Or maybe they went to V-tach because their heart 'fluttered' at sight of their loved one?? Either way, I LOVE this mani!!!!!

  2. Very cute idea for a Vday mani! It came out great!

    Also cool that you work in a hospital! Always love finding out personal things about fellow bloggers!

  3. Linda demais essa nail art!
    Flor tem post novo lá no blog passa lá para dar uma conferida.
    (⁀‵⁀) ∞ ღ ∞

  4. Heart of gold! :)

    This definitely fits a hospital environment. I think it looks awesome.

  5. Very nice themed manicure, the heart beat line is smth I haven't seen on the nails.. yet :)

  6. Thank you very much ladies! I'm glad you like my hospital appropriate V-Day manicure.

    @Gosia, that's definitely the romantic spirit in you! I like it :D

    @Angie, are you saying my plan to hide my true identity is falling apart? ;)

  7. Your post says it all. We don't like to see V Fib in the ER either. :)

  8. Yes, hopefully V-Day was V fib free for you in the ED :)


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