Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 15 - Delicate Print - Zoya Casey Stamped with Petites Fairy Pink

For me, delicate print equals subtle print and I just love subtle stamping. I've done it quite a few times before and have always been happy with the result. It is fun to see people do a double take to get a closer look at the detail on the manicure. The challenge of delicate print was therefore a fun one for me. I started out with two coats of Zoya Casey, a gorgeous deep plum color. In my excitement to stamp, I forgot to take pre-stamping photos, so I will have to re-swatch it another day. For the stamping I used Petites Color Fever in Fairy Pink. It is a pink base with micro shimmer in pink, gold, copper, green, and just about everything else. A very pretty and unique color in my collection. The stamping was done using Bundle Monster plate  BM-214.

I like the color combo, just wish my stamping was not slanted. On the plus side though, it is equally slanted on all the nails ;)

A few closer looks... (you can also click on the photos to zoom in)...

What do you think of subtle stamping?

Thanks for looking,
Anutka :)


  1. I like the subtle design! How can I follow your blog? Or maybe GFC isn't working properly again so I will check back later :)

  2. @Jamie, thank you :)

    @Sabine, Thanks so much for your interest in my blog :D I think GFC has been working about half of the time. Try to refresh the page a few times, sometimes that helps bring it up. Also there is a "follow" link at the very top left of the page in the Blogger toolbar. I'm not sure how well that works, but it might be worth a try :)

  3. I love this, and actually like that it's slanted :)

  4. Love these colors together-I had just done this stamp recently!

  5. OMG! This is so cool!! I LOVE these colours so much~;p So neat!!

  6. Thank you ladies. I'm glad you like the color combo and the stamping... even though it is slanted :)


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