Friday, October 28, 2011

Things are not always as they seem...

I have been looking for some of the limited edition Fantasy Makers for a swap before they disappear from stores in a few days. I already found Creepy Pumpkin and Purple Potion, so the last one on my list was Black Magic. I managed to find it today, but I also managed to run into something that was very frustrating...

Take a good look at this next photo...

Do you see anything different in the labels for these two polishes? No? Me too...
They have the same UPC, same item #, and same name...

Now look at what is inside these...

See the difference now? Yeah... even though they have the same number (I'm assuming lot number) printed along the bottom, they are completely different. The top bottle is the Black Magic that I have seen swatches of and the bottom is just solid black.

The 1st few stores I stopped at had the solid black bottles, so I thought I was loosing my mind and maybe I only "saw" glitter in swatches. I decided to buy a bottle after seeing it in the third store I went to. As luck would have it, the fourth store had the glitter version. Please tell me why this upsets me so...

To add insult to my shopping injury yesterday, I wanted to buy a black light to photograph a glow in the dark polish. I have been unsuccessful trying to photograph it on its own and read that a black light brings it out in photos. I found a light bulb called "Black Light Bulb". Something made me pause over it wondering if it is a black-light light bulb or just a black (color) light bulb. I bought it after a cashier reassured me it was a black-light light bulb. I should have known with the day I'm having that it would just be solid black... no black-light effect whatsoever. :(

OK, I feel better now! Plus, I figured out how to photograph the glow in the dark polish without the black light! Yay :)

Thanks for letting me rant!
Anutka :)


  1. I think what happened were some lots of the polish "BLACK PEARL" were labelled accidentally with the "BLACK MAGIC" label. So now you have 2 different colors that are actually in the set but with the same label....which I know is annoying! It happened to me as well. A friend got me the initial set (with glitter in it) and then I was buying some for a giveaway and got the creme version at first. So annoying!

    To make it even more confusing, they called it black magic even though last year or the year before they had a tombstone polish called black magic but it was a clear base with rainbow bar glitter! Silly wet n wild.

  2. Kind of like when brands use the same names for different versions of a polish. I'm thinking of Essence when they discontinue but then relaunch a product, with the same name but different colour altogether.

  3. I had a similar thing happen with Barielle. I owned one color, bought another with a different name but it was the SAME color. That's just crap. Yours is even more bizarre-companies must think we are stupid.

  4. ugggggg... what a hastle!!!! YAY for learning to take the glow in the dark pics, I was not successful at that.. I gave up!

  5. That is frustrating! I agree, it was probably mislabeled. Although, I'm frustrated that they re-used the name "Black Magic" because a previous Halloween release (a couple years back) they had a polish called Black Magic from their RIP collection which is multi-colored bar glitter. I have a few of those because they were really pretty, but then I see the same name and I'm like "hmm... are they re-releasing the same polish" but nope, just another color, same name.

  6. Catrice sometimes uses the same name for a 2nd launch of a colour, that is different! So confusing! :(

  7. Seems to be a common, but frustrating problem. I tend to think companies would be more careful to avoid reusing names as this gets frustrating when searching for the polish :(

    I'm bummed that I missed last year bar glitter "Black Magic". I didn't buy any of this years collection for myself as they are all dupes for their regular colors.


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