Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wet n Wild Sale...

Let me start off by saying it is not my fault, I just couldn't resist the deal posted by Nouveau Cheap a few days ago that is going on now... Walgreens is having a 50% off sale on all Wet n Wild nail polishes plus if you read the post by Nouveau Cheap there is an additional 20% off code listed giving you a combined 60% off.

That's only $0.40 for Wild Shine polishes and $0.80 for Mega Last and Fast Dry polishes. Plus any orders >$25 ship for free. Oh, and other Wet n Wild cosmetics are on sale as well, if you are into that sort of thing...

Now tell me, how could I resist that? I ended up buying $25 worth of polishes which at 40 or 80 cents per bottle is A LOT... I'll let you do the math on how many I got... let's just say I think I need to grow a few more hands to swatch them all...

Thanks for reading!
Anutka :)


  1. I wish they discounted cheap brands here as well, not only high-end ones like Chanel.

  2. Wow, I look forward to seeing what you got. Not knowing about the Walgreens sale, I bought an 8-pack of the fast dry minis at CVS, - the colors are jewel-toned or holiday. So now I'll go check out Walgreens, too!

  3. @marox79, I've never seen Chanel discounted... although it would probably still be way too rich for my blood :)

    @DesertNails8, the sale is only online at, not in stores! Also, they only have the base collections, none of the LE releases. I've yet to see WnW minis... must be cute :)

  4. Well, if someday you want do do a swap, I would love some Wet'n Wild polishes, because in Brasil we don't find them!

  5. @Francirocks, I've never done a swap... tell me more :D


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