Saturday, April 30, 2011

Color Fever: Vintage Gray

I would like to make a toast to second chances! I bought this polish a few months ago and when I first swatched it, I was not a fan. Don't know why, but I decided to reswatch it for this blog. Well let me tell you, I changed my mind. I ended up wearing this as a full manicure. It is a soft milky gray. So pretty! The color actually came out a bit darker than the bottle color. This is three coats + a top coat.


What do you think?
I just wish there was more than 0.25 oz of it :)
I'm assuming because of small bottles size, but there are no ingredients listed on it. I'm confused as I thought this was required to be listed at least on the outer packaging (which it had none)... anyone know if these are B3F?

Brand: Petites
Collection: Color Fever
Color Name/Number: Vintage Gray 519

Thanks for reading!


  1. i picked up a bottle of this stuff on monday and i am really surprised by how nice it is!

  2. @Peggy, I was really surprised as well!

  3. I don't know the brand but I love grey polishes and this one is a stunner

  4. I love grey as well! This is one my my faves :)


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