Friday, April 29, 2011

Sally Hansen Lilac - A definite keeper

This is a muted pink/lilac with a gray undertone. It has a hint of purple shimmer in the bottle which I was really hoping to see on the nail, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. It does not show up on the nail, except for maybe in direct sunlight. Since it has been raining here for days now, I have yet to test that theory.

I did catch a moment when it stopped raining, but it was still too overcast and not sunny enough to see the shimmer. :(

outdoors (overcast)

Do you see the shimmer in the bottle? Look close...

Here it is briefly making an appearance on the nail...

Brand: Sally Hansen
Collection: Hard as Nails
Color Name/Number: Lilac

I applied 3 coats to get it fully opaque then added a top coat for shine.
I really liked the color over all. It looks very clean and professional. The application was good.
My bf even commented that he really likes the way it looks and asked if I would pretty please not take this one off. How could I say no to that? We'll see how long I manage to keep this on before my fingers start itching to try something new. :)

That's all for now,


  1. That's a pretty color. I love the shimmer in it!

  2. Me too! Just wish it would come out to play more :)

  3. It really is pretty! I am familiar with the "itch" though - no matter how pretty there is always something else to try ;)


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