Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Well here it is... my first wacky post!

Wondering what Wacky Laki means? Laki (spelled using the English alphabet) means "nail polish" in Russian, where I was born. Wacky is because I happen to be pretty wacky, so the blog is sure to follow. Plus, there is just something about saying "Wacky Laki" fast that makes me giggle. So, thanks to my (also wacky) bf who came up with the name, it stuck :)

Lately, I have have been obsessed with thinking about swatching my growing collection of nail polishes. I blame this on a few very inspiring nail polish blogs that I have been following (I will name names later). I figured that I love nail polish as much as the next girl... I mean it is pretty hard not to love, right? It can look professional, sweet, sexy, wild, vampy and anything in between. You can add designs, crystals, water marble, etc, etc, etc... You can even mix different colors together to make your very own combination! How awesome is that? I mean seriously, who doesn’t love nail polish?

But to be honest, my desire to start this blog is for three reasons… to swatch my collection, to document any combos I happen to conjure up, and last but not least is to take better care of my nails. Boring! If they will be posing here, they better be in good shape :)
That’s all for now,

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