Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I decided to celebrate earth day my own way. Instead of just doing a mani with a color that I already had, I made my own using an eyeshadow. I got it a while back, but didn't love the color on me. It is pretty, but waaay too green for my eyes. I'm sure someone out there can pull it off, but not me!

I had heard about using eyeshadows as pigments in nail polish, but never got around to trying it. The "to try" list (swirling around in my head) is just too long. So, this was my 1st attempt at making a nail polish this way and I was super excited that it turned out so well... can you imagine this color on my eyes? Yikes! :)

The color came out better than I expected. A really pretty olive green with lots of little shimmer and sparkle. I may have to save this one for next St. Patty's Day.
This was 3 coats + a top coat to get it even and with no visible nail line.

It is super easy to make too! All you need is some eye shadow and clear nail polish.
Take any eyeshadow that you would like to use and gently scrape off the top so you get a fine powder (do this on a piece of paper that you can fold and use as a funnel).
For this polish I used a Jane Eye Zing eyeshadow in Sage.

When you have the powder on your piece of paper, fold the paper to make a funnel and carefully transfer the powder into a bottle with clear nail polish.
After you have transferred the powder, all you do is shake shake shake your booty the bottle until it is evenly distributed. It helps to have a few of those little metal balls in the bottle. I use 4.5mm BBs :)

Don't ask me how much powder to put it. I have no idea :) Plus, it depends on how much clear polish you are using/how much polish you want to make. I just kept adding until the color seemed saturated. If you add too much it could get thick and unusable. In that case just add some polish thinner and it should be fine. Just don't add any nail polish remover or acetone... it will be totally ruined...

What an awesome way to use up that old eyeshadow, right? Perfect for Earth Day!
And the possibilities are endless! I'm still thinking of all that shadow I have lying around, not being used. Ahh... must resist making more polish until I swatch what I already have... :)

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