Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sinful Colors - Let Me Go

I have to start out by saying that Sinful Colors polish Let Me Go has confused me since the moment I saw it. As I twist the bottle it morphs from green to lavender and back. I knew I had to try it. On the nail it seems to pick a color and stick to it depending on the light. Indoors it was mostly a very sheer and shimmery pale minty green. Outside in the sun it showed the lavender side more. This is 3 coats + a top coat with a clearly visible nail line.

Outside in the sunshine, the lavender comes out to play...

I like the color, but not particularly the sheerness of it. I decided to try this over black. Black and I have a love & hate relationship. I love how it looks, but I hate to clean up the cuticles after it... anyone have tips on a good way to do it?

I put on one coat of Wet and Wild Black Creme and one coat of Sinful Colors Let Me Go on top. Yikes! It is a metallic green, no lavender in sight. Like it vanished... got sucked into the black? Not sure what happened, but I'm kind of digging the green... next St. Patty's day??? :D

No lavender even in the sunshine (just a camera blinding shine)...

This is in the shade because my camera had the hardest time with the sunshine photos...

Any ideas why the lavender vanished? :)

Brand: Sinful Colors
Collection: Main line
Color Name/Number: Let Me Go, 322

Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) free!

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  1. Maybe you should try a different base? Like blue? Maybe a light blue or purple would work. Or maybe even white :P

  2. Wow that green is super cool! I love how the colour totally transforms. It reminds me of the green in an oil slick or on a pigeon's breast.

  3. really pretty try it over silver to bring out the purple. I love layering over black and also hate the clean up!!

  4. I like the color maybe your should try white, instead of black maybe it would do the opposite?! Also have you tried to not get too close to the cuticles when painting? And only have enough on your brush so it doesn't run?Or use a polish remover pen?

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will have to try it over different colors when I get a chance :)

    @ The Nail Buff, Thank you! I have been trying to figure out what it reminds me of. I had the biggest urge to put feathers over it... was thinking peacock, but pigeon is probably more accurate ;)

    @Mikayla, I try to stay as far away from the cuticles as possible ;)
    I think the Wet and Wild polish just has an awful brush, I will try to trim it...
    When I try to clean up with acetone, the black just goes everywhere, that's what I hate the most...

  6. When you remove it, try soakking a q-tip in the remover, then hold it on the polish for 3-5 seconds. Instead of rubbing it back and forth over the polish, try rolling your q-tip so that you pick up the polish instead of smearing it around. press and roll. Maybe this will help, if it makes sense lol :)

  7. Thanks so much for the tip! I have started using a brush for clean up since then and have made friends with the black again :D


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