Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a peachy pink color with a pink shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle on the nail, mostly seen in the sun. I could not capture the color indoors, it kept coming out just solid peach and not true to the color at all. So the only shots I'm posting are the ones taken outside. I tried to catch the sun to show the shimmer. Click on the images to zoom in for a better view :D

Please excuse my little paper cut... I will try to be more careful next time ;)

This was three coats + a top coat. The application was very nice.
I like this color, but not on my nails. It is too close to my skin color and looks awkward. I suspect it would just pop and look amazing on someone with a darker skin tone.

Brand: Sally Hansen
Collection: Hard as Nails
Color Name/Number: Sweet Pea

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Nice color. I love how your blog showcases colors that get swept under the rug. There are so many great colors out there that we underestimate!

  2. Thanks so much! That means a lot to me!
    I'm still so new at this :)

  3. I actually really like this colour on you! Pretty and understated, like something that would be perfect for an interview or first meeting with the bf's parents :)

  4. Hey ! I've awarded you the Liebster blog award. Check it out on my blog.

  5. @The Nail Buff, thanks! :)
    My bf liked it too, so maybe I'll wear it to his parents next time we visit ;)

    @Une Ruxi a Paris, WOW... and really? me? really? You are so sweet! Thanks so much!!! :)

  6. I'm concerned about the paper cut! Glad you mentioned it ;) ~Alla


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