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Mont Bleu Nail Files and Accessories Review...

Hi Everyone! I was recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review a couple of Mont Bleu crystal nail files. I have long been admiring and wanting to try these files, but trying to pick out a design to order was more than I could handle. Anyone who knows me well will tell you just how indecisive I am and one look at the seemingly infinite variety of designs available left me unable to commit. Luckily someone else ended up making the decision for me (who knew it was so easy?) and I was also happily surprised to receive a foot file, tweezers and some earrings. All of them in a beautiful coordinating blue...

Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files
The nail files are made in the Czech Republic which is well known for producing the best crystal nail files. Not only are these Mont Bleu files some of the most beautiful ones I have seen, decorated with Swarovski crystals, but they work extremely well. I have been using these for a few weeks now and they make the chore of filing my nails are pleasant one. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good crystal nail file.

I'm not sure what the exact grit of these files is, but they feel very fine. The larger file is slightly coarser than the mini, but neither one can be classified as coarse or even medium grit. I was able to take down a significant amount of length with ease using the larger file. The smaller file would be appropriate for finer details/finishing touch or to carry around in your purse...

For the past 3 years I have been using crystal nail files almost exclusively and these Mont Bleu files rival some of my favorites. I thought I would do a quick comparison of the files that I own...

Left to right:
  • BioSwiss - I'm not sure this even deserves a mention. Although it was called it a "crystal" nail file, the sandy surface started to rub off during my first use leaving behind just bald glass. I only kept it around because I've been meaning to write a post about crystal nail file and wanted to include it. It is currently in the trash can waiting for the next garbage day. Similarly I have purchased nail files made in China from Ebay that have all met a similar fate. Don't waste your money!
  • Sephora - This was my first decent nail file. It is much coarser than others I have tried and I'm not certain as to where it is manufactured. The file is single sided (which is why you are seeing "sephora" upside down since I wanted the file part facing up). Because it is coarser grit this has been my go to file for taking down any significant amount of nail length. I believe Sephora has revised their crystal files and I'm not sure if the new version is the same grit, etc.
  • Mont Bleu - This file is much finer than the Sephora one, but slightly coarser than the NailTek which is next in line. It combines what I love about both the Sephora and the NailTek files into one. As I mentioned already I was able to use it for easily taking down quite a bit of nail length, but it is also fine enough that I can use it for the fine tuning details. 
  • NailTek - This has been my go to file for the finishing touch after taking down the desired length with the Sephora file. It is too fine for me to do any significant filing. The file is very well made and works perfectly to seal in the nail edge. I do credit crystal nail files for keeping my nails from splitting.
  • Minis - I will group these into one category as I did not find much difference between them. They are all very fine and not meant for significant filing. They are nice for a finishing touch or on the go. The one from Cult Nails currently resides in my purse because it was the only one that came with a hard protective case and I feel safe carrying it around without the fear it will break. The hand painted file was gifted to me and similarly to Mont Bleu is made in the Czech Republic. The minis are cute, but not often used...

Mont Bleu Glass Foot File
As much time as I spend on my manicures, my footsies largely go neglected. They never felt as pampered as they've been for the past few weeks with this file. It is much more pleasant to use than the old pumice stone or other torture devices I have tried. Aside from those crude instruments, I don't have much of a basis to compare this file too. All I can say is that my feet and I love it...

These are nice, sharp tweezers that do their job well. And this here ladies (and gentlemen?) is why I am a nail blogger and not a beauty blogger. I'm at a loss of what to say about the tweezers besides that their points meet perfectly, they grab things easily and they are pretty to look at. There is nothing overly unique about the tweezers themselves besides that they are beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals.

These and many, many other products are available at Design Glassware by Mont Bleu

Have you tried Mont Bleu crystal nail files before? What do you think of them?
I would love to read your comments so don't hesitate to leave one down below!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Products were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
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  1. I have 2 Mont Bleu mini files and I love them! :-)

  2. I have their products and they're amazing.

  3. I have a crystal file like your hand painted one, my mom found them at a Buckler's Craft Fair. I love it, and am going to have to remember to purchase a larger one (either next time I go or from Mont Bleu) for filing down length instead of always using the mini and then forgetting to put it back in my purse!

  4. My mother bought me a wonderful glass nail file a few years ago from a fall festival for my birthday. It was perfect and all I ever needed, till my boyfriend recently broke it. I've tried replacing it with a few purchased from stores nearby, but they all wound up in the trash. The grit was too coarse and wore off quickly, just like you've mentioned. I was interested in trying Mont bleu, but was worried they would turn out just like the others. After reading what you said, I feel confident enough to try it. Thank you!
    Also- They have so many beautiful designs you're not the only one to have trouble picking one out!

  5. The crystal files are the best! I got one from Aveniro which is also a brand from the Czech Republic. I think their glass is really of the highest quality. And the designs... I just love them. You might want to check them out too at


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