Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black and White Challenge Day 3 - Black Base with Color

Day three of the Black & White Challenge is a manicure with a black base and some color. I once again started with Wet 'n Wild Black Creme, but instead of adding the color on top, I added it underneath the nail.  For this I used two coats of Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar. This type of manicure is becoming know as Louboutin Nails due to the original inspiration being Louboutin shoes with a red sole. I think this is such a great way to add something special to the manicure. It will probably go unnoticed by others, but you know it is there, so it is kind of like sexy lingerie for your nails... :D

This seems to be a popular pose to show off the manicure, so I thought I'd give it a try as well... :)

And here are the shoes that inspired it all. I got this photo from here. Interestingly enough, according to that website it says that Mr. Louboutin originally painted the bottom of a shoe using red nail polish while he was bored. I guess it has come back full circle now...

Have you tried Louboutin Nails before?
I love it, just need to have long enough nails and remember that clean up and removal requires some extra effort...

NOTE: This is a scheduled post. I appreciate all your comments and will respond as soon as I return from my trip! Thank you in advance for commenting :D

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Love the Louboutin mani! I wish I had nails long enough to make it:)

  2. this is so sexy :-D
    my nails are to short for this mani :-(

  3. This is kinda sexy. I don't particularly like the shoes, but the nails are like a surprise. :)

  4. I knew that fact about the shoes being painted with red nail polish! ;D

    I really do like your nails but I just have to wonder how much of a pain clean-up is... might be worth it, though!

  5. Those are some HOT nails! I saw the first pic and immediately thought of those heels before reading or scrolling. Great translation into nail art!

  6. So beautiful! I'm a fan of black manis, but the red touch is such a lovely twist :D

  7. <3 I imagine if I were to try this I would end up with polish all over my fingers!

  8. The fact with the polished back of the shoe really makes a circle complete =).
    It looks really great =).
    I haven't tried it yet, but it is on my to do list =)

  9. This is so awesome. I want the nails an the shoes :)

  10. So hot and fierce! I love this!

  11. Класс! Просто и шикарно!

  12. OMG! Love it! I don't know how anyone could not love this nail design or Louboutins?! I keep my nails pretty short, so I wouldn't be able to pull this off! Great idea!!!

  13. I have seen this trend around and just love it! But my nails will never be long enough to do it!! So awesome!

  14. How fun!!!!
    I was going to ask how time consuming/bothersome the cleanup was.

    Thanks for the tidbit of how the show originally got red base ... I didn't know that ;)

  15. Thank you ladies! I like this trend and can't wait to try it in other color combos.

    The clean up was a bit of a mess. I would certainly recommend using a color that doesn't stain the skin or you will have a hot mess on your hands. Also, while I used the brush that came with the polish this time, my next try will be using a small detail brush for better precision.


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