Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shipping Outside of the US

I was sad to read comments from those of you that like the new Nicole by OPI releases, but are unable to get them where you live. I tried to find a store that will ship internationally, but instead stumbled across a forwarding service,, which is used by a few retailers to ship internationally.

The service works by providing you with your own personal US shipping address. That address can then be used when making a purchase at ANY retailer in the US. When the package arrives at that address, it is automatically forwarded internationally to the final destination. For more details and information on how this works look at their site here.

UPDATE: If you were interested in this service, please take a look at the comments for this post. Sadly it was pointed out that this service does not allow shipping of nail polish, but there might be similar serviced that do...

For those of you wanting the Target exclusive Nicole by OPI, they are available here at

Just as a disclaimer... I'm in no way associated with and have not personally used their service. I just thought it might interest those of you outside of the US who want to purchase items, but cannot get them shipped directly to you. For more information and shipping costs take a look at the website. Make your own decision if this service/additional cost is right for you. I'm in no way liable for any transactions made using this service (sorry, had to get that off my chest just in case :)).

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. That's so sweet of you to look into that. I hate reading comments on press releases for people who don't have it available. It's really sad, and makes me thankful I can get them much more easily.

  2. YEp...There is also which offers their services mostly to the Caribbean and South American countries. I use Jamaica its called MailPac but its the same company. I don't know if that helps some of your readers.

  3. sorry to burst ur bubbles girls.. but i checked this website before and nail polishes are prohibited to all countries..

    i wish there is a forwarding company just for nail polish.. :P

  4. Aeropost has the FAQ's for each country it delivers to...for my country it says you can ship it but it takes a minimum of 2 weeks for things such as nail polish, I guess they have to clear it first. Just choose your country>FAQs>Restricted shipments> and then check 'Consumer commodities', 'forbidden products', 'Restricted by local customs' for what your country allows.

  5. @Brianna, yes, it really makes me sad to hear that people can't get the polishes they want. :(

    @Kelly-Ann Ho Sang, thank you so much for sharing the information! I really appreciate it. Hopefully someone can benefit from it.

    @cecilia, I guess I didn't read far enough into the details! Thank you for pointing this out!

  6. shipping for two polishes to croatia is 117 $ :-p
    i'll rather stick to ebay ;-D

  7. @Nail crazy, ouch! that is quite the price tag! I would stick to ebay as well!


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