Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comparison: Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together vs. OPI Dutch'ya Just Love OPI?

A comment was made that the new Target exclusive Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together resembles an OPI purple shimmer named Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? from the Holland Collection. I must admit they do look very similar in the bottles so I was intrigued to try them side by side...

As you can see that while they do look very similar in the bottles they are different on the nail. Purple Yourself together is a lighter purple with a strong gold shimmer that does not hide. It also has a thinner formula which results in needing three coats to be fully opaque. Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? is a darker purple and has a more pigmented formula which required only two coats to be fully opaque. Possibly because it is so pigmented, the shimmer does not show up as much as in Purple Yourself Together.

Index and Ring fingers: OPI Duch'ya Just Love OPI?, 2 coats (no top coat)
Middle and Pinkie fingers: Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together, 3 coats (no top coat)

Another bottle shot to show how similar they look in the bottle...

Both polishes are gorgeous...

Hopefully this was a useful comparison! Let me know what you think of this :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I like Purple Yourself Together best. Thanks for comparing!

  2. Thanx for the comp, very useful. Unfortunately we don't get Nicole by OPI here, so I have the buy the OPI

  3. Thanks for the comparison I am loving the Purple Yourself Together

  4. I definitely prefer Purple Yourself Together. I picked up most of the Holland shades, but Dutch'ya Just Love OPI wasn't one of them- I think it looks kind of similar to other purples I own.

  5. I really like Purple Yourself better but we don't get Nicole for OPI here! I like that it's got more gold shimmer in it!

  6. I think i like Dutch'ya Just Love better. but the other is pretty too!

  7. They are both pretty but I think I like the NOPI better. I actually went and got it yesterday after seeing your swatches! :) thanks for the comparison

  8. I'm so glad that this was useful. I will try to do more comparisons like this in the future!

    I'm sorry for those that don't get NOPI where you live. If you are out of the country take a look at this service... http://www.myus.com/

  9. Purple is one of my favorite colors of nail laquer. I like both)

  10. I think there is a really cheap dupe out there from NYX GIRLS called Golden Lavender. Its builds to look like Nicole OPI color. Very pretty and easy formula to use also. love that color from the Holland collection also.

    Does anyone have both NYX GIRLS and the Nicole purples to compare?

  11. I wonder how it compares to Zoya Faye...

  12. @summer_breeze, me too! Love the purples :)

    @Kisha, I don't have NYX Golden Lavender to compare, but from what I've seen online, it does look similar...

    @thebeautifullagoon, sadly also not a polish I own to compare. From swatches online however the shade of purple looks different...


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