Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stamping Challenge - Large Flowers

For today's stamping challenge for the group Adventures in Stamping, I decided to try something I have not done before... a ruffian manicure. I started out with two coats of Sally Hansen Deep Purple followed by two coats of Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. I can't say that I love it the ruffian look on me. This could be because all the layers make it look thick or because it visually shortens the already short nails. I might have to try it again on longer nails and with one coat polishes.

The flower pattern that I stamped comes from the Bundle Monster plate BM-220. It is actually a french tip stamp, but my nails would have to be ridiculously long (for me) to use it as such so I stamped it multiple times for full nail coverage. For the stamping, I used Sally Hansen Deep Purple. I love how light and airy the stamp is, makes me wish spring was here...

I'd love to know what you think!
Have you tried the ruffian look? Love it or hate it?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Have not tried the Ruffian look yet...would like to try it with Black on bottom and some kind of Holo or Glitter on top???

  2. I've not tried it yet but love the look, really light and airy :)

  3. It's very pretty. I love the stamping.

  4. ohhh, how pretty. I love this, so delicate and lovely. I really like ruffians.

  5. What a clever idea to use the french tip stamp like this! I love it :) x

  6. I agree with you that the ruffian look makes the nail look thicker and shorter (which, for someone who has wide nail beds like me, is not ideal)

    The way in which you used this stamp is sheer AWESOME! (I'd use the word genious but I'm afraid I've been using it all too often lately on your blog ;) )


  7. This is really pretty and makes me think of fairies. :) I haven't seen a lot of ruffian looks, but I'm really likeing it. It's an alternative to a french mani. And I think it'd look great with a bow... not quite sure why.

  8. i love this look, i have not tried a ruffian before but this one is really pretty, so i think i'm going to tried soon. =D

  9. @Fingers, thank you!

    @Val, I have seen ones as you describe and they look beautiful. Also on my list to try one day :)

    @Naila Nails, thank you, it is a lovely sheer image..

    @Jennifer, thank you!

    @Amber, I'm so glad you like it. Thank you!

    @Helly, always trying to find a use for those since I don't use them as french tip.. :)

    @Marta, you are too kind!
    My nail beds are wide as well, which is why I'm questioning this on me...

    @Courtney, I agree, it is a great alternative, but unlike a french mani I don't think it is for everyone. The bow is an interesting idea, I would have not thought of that! :)

    @Naty, it is always good to try something new... this was my 1st too :)

    @Jennius, thank you! :)


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