Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 23 - Inspired by a Movie

The movie I chose for the challenge inspiration is the cute animated film called Nemo. I'm sure most people have at least heard of it, if not seen it. It is about the adventure of a fish named Nemo as he tries to find his way home. I thought the colorful characters would make for a great manicure.

Index finger is a fish named Dory, followed by the most adorable baby turtle ever named Squirt on the ring finger, Nemo himself on the ring finger, and a little starfish named Peach on the pinkie... Overall I'm happy with how this turned out, although the base color for the middle finger is much darker than I had intended. It looked more fitting in the bottle :(

Here are the characters that inspired this mani if you have not seen them before... Nemo and Dory in the top row, Squirt and Peach in the bottom row.

Polishes used for this manicure:
- Index: Color Club Chelsea Girl and Almost Famous + black acrylic paint
- Middle: Picture Polish Camo, Barielle Tight Knit and Cashmere or Loose Me
- Ring: Color Club Wham! Pow! + black and white acrylic paint
- Pinkie: NYC Lincoln Square Lavender, Essence Enchanted Fairy and Everybody's Talking About

What do you think about this mani? Do you wear manis with each nail done differently?

Personally I think it would be fun to recreate each of these as a full mani... would you like to see any of them as a full manicure?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Such a cute I idea, I love it.

  2. AHHH!! Nemo is seriously the cutest movie EVER - and so are these nails! My next favorite character is the cutie little octopus (is it squirt?). Also - I have done several fun mani's with every nail different (inspired by Cosmetic Cupcake)! It's a lot of fun! My most recent was for Halloween. :)

  3. OMG this came out sooo cute! I love this movie too, fact I love most Pixar movies!! too cute .. I SPEAK WHALE...

  4. YAY a great finding nemo mani :) I think more pixar movies are suitable as mani inspiration like monsters & co :)

  5. so cute, i recognize nemo theme instantly ;-D

  6. Awww, soooooo cute!

  7. I could totally guess what movie you were doing from your nails!
    Anutka this is GREAT!!!!
    I REALLY like how you didn't just draw the fish but focused on its colours and patterns... I loved Dori in this movie "just keep swimming just keep swimming".
    Great work!

  8. @Jennafroggy, thank you! :)

    @Megan, I love that little squid too. They have some adorable characters in that movie.

    @polish AMOR, Love that part... also love the seagulls... MINE... MINE... MINE, MINE... :D

    @Pauline, thanks so much! :)

    @Crystal, I agree with you, so many inspirations there! Love the little girl in Monsters Inc....

    @Nail crazy, I'm glad you like it! :D

    @Imfeelingnail-venturous, you are so sweet! Thank you :)

    @Marta, Thank you! I had so much fun with the patterns. I hoped it would capture my inspiration :)

  9. Oh, this is really cool. And what's cool is that I saw the movie straight away without reading!

  10. Thanks! I'm glad you were able to recognize it! It is such a cute movie :)

  11. I know I'm super late, but I LOVE this!! So cute!!


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