Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 Month Haul...

I have had a really bad migraine for the past two mornings and just the thought of the smell of nail polish is making me queasy, so instead of doing my nails this morning I thought I would show you the reason why I should not be allowed anywhere near Ross or nail polish for that matter with a credit card...

In addition to the 50 polishes from the Wet n Wild haul, over just two short months, I got...

Cosmetic ARTS polishes. These are from the Forsythe Cosmetic Group, the same brand that makes Color Club. Unfortunately none of them have names, but most are from the Fall & Winter Collections that you can get more info on here.

Color Cub Back to Boho sets 1 & 2 and Foiled

LA Colors - Modern Metallics

Prisma - Fresh & Fabulous and Pastel... has anyone heard of this brand before? They look identical to LA Colors in packaging and bottle shape...

Elf sets -
Top set (l-r): Twinkle, Golden Goddess, Cranberry
Bottom (l-r): Mod Mauve, Sunset, Plum

That's it from Ross for now... they had lots of other LA Color and Prisma sets, but believe it or not I had to stop somewhere...

At Ulta I got...
Ulta Salon Formula (I just love the new bottle shape)
Top (l-r): Ruby Slipper, Army of 1, Chic Peek, Wild Night, Femme Fatale
Bottom (l-r): Chocolate Kiss, Devious, High Roller, Love my Blackberry, Smoke Screen

Essence Colour & Go (l-r): Irreplaceable, Choose Me!, Walk of Fame, Movie Star, Where is the Party?, Date with the Night

From Apothica, I got..
Sparitual minis:
Top (l-r): Epicurean, I Feel the Earth Move, Howl, Delight, Sacred Ground, Running with Wolves
Bottom (l-r): Spellbound, Emerald City, Idyllic, Smoke 'n Mirrors, Surreal 

Drugstore finds...
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (l-r)- Plum Power, Red Carpet, Lacey Lilac, Flirt, Midnight Sky, Deep Purple, Grey Area

Sinful Colors (clockwise starting from the polish with "http://" on the cap :D)
Tokyo Pearl, Envy, Gogo Girl, HipHip, What's Your Name, Out of This World, Rise and Shine, Nirvana, This is It, Seaweed, Rich in Heart, Under 18, Easy Going, Daddys Girl, Amethyst, Hot Spot, Mercury Rising, Mint Apple

Wet n Wild Fast Dry -
Top (l-r): Gray's Anatomy, Buffy the Violet Slayer, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Silvivor, Hannah Pinktana, FuchsiaRama
Middle (l-r): Teal of Fortune, Everybody Loves Redmond, The Gold & the Beautiful, SaGreena the Teenage Witch,
Bottom (l-r): How I Met Your Magenta, Cougar Attack, Behind Closed Doors, Buy Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce, Jungle Fever

Other (l-r): Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia, Rimmel Rags to Riches, Oke.doke in Camo Loco, Goldilocks, and Pink This

Well that should last me a life time...

I'm putting myself on a self imposed no more hauling until I swatch at least half of my untrieds... although even as I type this I have a feeling it won't stick... :(

My mission after I finish the 31 day challenge, is to swatch like crazy!
If you would like to see any of these sooner rather than later, please let me know, because I have no idea where to even start!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. omg, that what i call haul O_O
    i'd like to see anything by ulta, i'm not familiar with this brand :-D

  2. :0 WOW!! can't wait to see some of those colours :) BTW how do you store all your polishes?

  3. Whoa! Okay this is what I think when I want to slow down my purchasing: Will each polish that you currently have get enough love & appreciation & get used? So the answer is to look in my collection to enjoy those first and it does slow my purchasing down.
    You got some very nice polishes! About swatches, I think I'd like to see the Ulta Salon Formula polishes or the Color Club Foiled collection first because those colors look like holiday colors.

  4. Serious hauling! I found (and bought) the Prisma pastel set as well as another set by the same brand called Glitter. Got those at Ross.

  5. wow giant haul!! Use them wisely! :))))

  6. @Nail Crazy, Ulta is a beauty store chain here in the states. They carry all the major brands and this is the "house" brand. I will swatch them when I'm done with the challenge :)

    @Linda, I store mine in a Helmer from IKEA. It works well, except I wish it would have support/slider rails for the drawers when they are out. I end up having to take the whole thing out when I want to work with multiple colors :(

    @DesertNails, I've tried telling myself that since more than half of my collection is not even swatched I know they are not getting good use. Maybe I'll have to stop looking at other blogs so I won't know what's new... that should stop me :D

    @ABOP, that's where I got mine as well. I saw the glitter, but chose to pass those up for now. They also had LA Colors glitter which looked almost identical to the Prisma ones...

    @Biba, crazy isn't it? :)

    @Ruxi, I'll do my best! :)

  7. I died in your Sinful Colors! I never saw Cosmetic Arts before, the colors are nice and the Color Club Back to Boho are amazing, I am thinking about to buy them... I am really curious about how you organize so many bottles :O

  8. Now I don't feel so bad for my hauls! :-D This is awesome!!

  9. @Francirocks, I store them in a Helmer, which is a 6 drawer cabinet that fits under my desk. At some point I will take photos and post it :)

    @Megan, I'm glad I could help :D

  10. OMG! You must be stopped! :P ~ Alla

  11. Oh my Heaven... this haul nearly brought me into cardiac arrest!
    What lovely colours...
    *inhale exhale* :D

  12. @Alla, it is officially your new challenge :)

    @Marta, that's exactly what I did... inhale, exhale then hide wallet from myself :)

  13. O_o ya v shoke :)
    Nu vse, mojesh salon svoy otkryvat'!! :) :)

  14. Ne plohaya ideya, no luchshe prosto podruzhek priglashu :)


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