Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 10 - Gradient Nails

Gradients for some reason sound easier than they are (for me)... just sponge on the next colors and you are done. Lets just say it took a few attempts to come out with something I like. My original idea was white transitioning to black at the tips. That turned out to be a bit too messy for my taste. The second attempt was black transitioning to white tips. Not as messy, but the gradient was too rough, similar to my very first attempt. I tried it one more time using a different sponge that worked much better, so third time was the charm. I finally got a gradient that I actually like and can wear...

My boyfriend said it looks like a night sky... a way better response than to my first two attempts which were met with shoulder shrugs and a look that means "OK, but I don't get it..."

The colors I used for this manicure were:
- Wet n Wild Black Cream for the base
- Zoya Kelly
- Petites Color Fever Vintage Gray
- Wet n Wild French White Cream
- Sinful Colors Out of This World (sponged lightly on top for sparkle)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Oh how I really love this!!! The colors are so awesome together! nice job!

  2. Класс!!! Ну до чего красиво и аккуратно.
    Можно украсть идею? ))

  3. 3rd time was definitely a charm. I like this gradient a lot!

  4. This is a great gradient I still haven't found the sponge that works best for me

  5. Very pretty! I agree it does look like a night sky. Great job!

  6. very cool!! I've never really gotten the hang of gradients

  7. The polishes you choose work so well for this challenge day! You did a fab job!

  8. Loving how this gradient turned out! It does look like a night sky indeed!

  9. this gradient is really beautiful! love it!

  10. oh i really like this mani! it's somehow winter-ish, in a really good way! :D beautiful!

  11. Wow!! It looks soooo cool~!! I just love that colour combo:D

  12. Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad I didn't give up on the gradient. I will have to try it again to make sure it works with other colors :)

    @Antallex, konechno mozhnod, tol'ko obezatel'no pokazivai chto poluchilos' :D

    @Lendoxia, I tried a cosmetic sponge first, but it was too dense. What worked for me was a fake sea sponge from the dollar store. I suppose a real sea sponge would work as well :)

    @Ruxi, keep trying, mine were not so pretty the 1st few times either... :)

  13. Gorgeous and inspiring! Your cleanups looks so great too :)


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