Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Blog Awards...

I was lucky enough to get tagged with a whole bunch of awards by the lovey Antallex of Notes on Nails. Thanks so much! If you have not seen her blog yet, then you are missing out. She has amazing nails and swatches that I'm always drooling over...

I have gotten most of the awards in her tag before, so I will post here the two that are new to me...

I'm not sure on the specific rules for these, but assuming the standard rules of say something about yourself and pass it on. Also, I usually just re-post things about me from previous tags, but I decided to write something new this time since I love reading other bloggers' interesting facts...

So here are ten things about me... :D
1. I "met" my boyfriend when he called a friend of mine who couldn't talk to him at the time and so she handed the phone to me. We had a great conversation and kept calling each other for about 6 months before actually meeting... that was 13 years ago and we are still together :)
2. Every year, I donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It is a great organization treating childhood cancer and they never deny treatment to anyone for inability to pay. This year I donated to them through a local radio-thon which was raffling off a bunch of stuff every hour to get callers. I ended up winning the "raffle of the hour" when I called - a guitar autographed by about 15 country singers including Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood... also got to go see Toby Keith and Eric Church in concert...
3. I love the idea of decorating, but hate the execution of it. I look through magazine and online to collect ideas. I can picture what I want most of the rooms in the house to look like, but I have lived in my house almost two years and am still at the bare minimum in furniture and hardly anything on the walls. I even bought curtains I want to hang, but they are still in packages... more than a year later...
4. I collect shot glasses from places I visit, but never actually use them for drinking...
5. I also collect other memorabilia from trips with the intention of someday making a scrapbook. I now have tons of stuff and have only made two scrapbook pages ever (and they were not even trip related...)
6. My first career was as a web developer writing code and helping develop/maintain a web application. When the dot-com crash happened I went back to school and became a pharmacist...
7. During pharmacy school we had to do required "volunteering" for which I visited a nursing home once a week and gave sweet little old ladies manicures. I often think that I should find time to do that again!
8. I'm a Gemini which apparently explains why I get easily bored with stuff and jump from one thing to another. I have tried many crafts as they all look so interesting to me. The ones that stuck the most were cake decorating, candle carving (some of which you can see in my previous award tag...), and jewelry making... my favorite is definitely making earrings...

9. I'm really bad at small talk. I can sit next to a person and be completely blank on anything interesting to say. Once I get to know people I can talk to them for hours...
10. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and cannot resist anything with sweetened condensed milk in it...

My 10 tags (in alphabetical order)... sorry if you have gotten this before :)
Andayn Nails 
Girly Bits  
Kimskie's Nails  
Legally Lacqured 
Like a Candy Shop 
Mini Nail Blog
Polish Amor
The Nail Addict 
Vique's Varnish

Hopefully I have not bored you all to tears :P

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Hi Anutka, thank you so much for tagging me / giving me this awards! I really appreciate that! :)

  2. I'm really glad to live in Spain, with an excellent (health) social security system (now facing not the best times, though). I just had a Hi-Def breast scan that probably costs the earth. Can't understand how in some countries only the rich can afford treatment, even if you pay for health insurance.

    Sweet condensed milk brings some good memories.

  3. @KimsKie, you are so welcome :D

    @Biba, thanks so much! You are always so sweet!

    @marox79, hopefully some day they'll fix the health system here too. For now lots of people rely on charity to help pay the bills.

  4. congrats on the award.. and thanks for passing it on :) i feel super special!!!

  5. Hey there! thanks for tagging me! I will get on this tomorrow :)

  6. You are both very welcome! You have great blogs :D

  7. Just found your blog, skimming through posts. It's kinda funny seeing point 9 and 1 kinda contradict each other. You hadn't known your bf before and could carry a conversation on the phone so well, while it takes time for you to talk to strangers. It was meant to be huh?

  8. @Helifax, that a great observation... I never really thought about it. I think it helped that we talked on the phone and not in person :) It really was just meant to be :D


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