Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 7 - Black and White - Born Pretty Nail Foils

There are so many things one can do for a black and white manicure, but for me it was the perfect opportunity to try the nail foils I got from the Born Pretty Store during their promotion a few months back. For some reason I thought they would be time consuming, so I kept procrastinating, but they fit day 7 of the challenge so well, that I had to try them.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to apply these nail foils. To get the right size of my nail, I applied Scotch tape to my nail first and cut that to size. I figured with scotch tape it would be easier to see where I needed to trim. Then I applied the nail shaped tape cutout to the foils and cut those to size. The nail foils applied easily and since they were trimmed to correct size, they barely needed any trimming beyond that.

My current nail size allowed me to cover two nails using one nail foil, so I have enough for two full manicures in this package. For longer nails, it would only be enough for one...

Here is what the package looked like when I got it...

For me personally...
Pros: simple to apply, no drying time, endless patterns that are not achievable with free hand nail art
Cons: I could not get it to fit the curve of my index fingernail well, which makes me think that people with nails more curved than mine would struggle with these. They didn't last long... mine were off in less than an hour because I couldn't stop picking at them and they never felt quite right. I suppose if I tried really hard and wanted to wear them out, they could stay on for an entire evening, but certainly not 11 days as the package claims. Maybe I missed some sort of final glue setting step (that wasn't listed on the package), but they peeled off very easily...

While these were fun to try and might be fun for a night out, they are not something I will be using on a regular basis.

What about you? Any thoughts on nail foils? Love them? Hate them?

Thanks for looking,
Anutka :)


  1. I haven't used any kind of nail foil yet but this is a really cool looking one, very unique.

  2. Yeah, it's really funny because you can get some many different styles with foils! but I haven't tried any yet because I'm afraid they wouldn't last long;;

  3. this looks super cool, too bad it didn't last long.. I haven't tried any foils yet, but I would probably do the same as you and pick them off :-P

  4. These look awesome! Aww, too bad it didn't even last a day - darn! Good point about the nail curvature.

  5. I think these are very cool! I like the pattern.

  6. They look great on you. You applied them really well, they are perfectly shaped around the cuticles!

  7. Thanks so much girls! It was definitely a fun look. I wish I didn't have the itch to pick them off... oh well, maybe for a night out they would work :D

  8. These look amazing! Maybe a healthy dose of topcoat would have helped?

  9. I thought you had freehanded this and was going to be stunned! bUT i LOVE THIS MANI ANYWAY! sO COOL!

  10. @ABOP, that is a good idea! I didn't use any top coat, but I'll have to try next time!

    @Fingers, I'd be impressed if that was free hand too! :D Glad you like it!

  11. Love the pattern...think I will try to do the same freehand. I'm sure it won't turn out the same though. :)

  12. Thanks ladies!

    @mego5dzgrc, I'd love to see the freehand. You are braver than I am :)

  13. Those are some good looking nails girl! I love Tinni's nail foils have you tried them?

  14. Aww, thank so much! :)
    I have not tried Tinni's nail foils. Will have to change that some day :)


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