Thursday, September 5, 2013

Incoco Total Bombshell...

Today I would like to show you some nail polish strips that I'm absolutely in love with. Let me tell you, I did not want to take them of. These are the Incoco Total Bombshell nail polish strips. They look like a glitzy, glittery watermarble that I had to put very little effort toward achieving...

The Incoco nail polish strips are made out of real nail polish. They are Big3Free and remove easily with nail polish remover. They have a glitter base with a beautiful design over them. Even with the glitter, they were still easy to remove, although I was reluctant to do so. These strips apply similarly to other nail polish strips such as the Sally Hansen ones. These are stretchy and flexible. They do rip easily so when stretching make sure to do it slowly. Any sudden movements may result in tears...

Each package comes with 16 strips in varying sizes to allow you to find the right fit for your nails. The strips are packaged in an airtight plastic wrap and must be used as soon as it is opened since they do dry out. As always, I wish the two strips of 8 were packaged individually so those with shorter nails had the option of only using one by cutting strips in half....

The package includes easy to follow instructions, but if you've used other nail strips before then you probably know the routine:
1. Remove clear cover
2. Peel polish strip
3. Remove silver tab & select end
4. Apply to nail & gently stretch to fit
5. Remove excess

As I mentioned, these can rip if pulled too suddenly so make sure to do it gently.

The directions suggest to remove the excess with a nail file, however this always leaves a rather rough looking edge at the tip, similar to what I got with the previous set I tried. Since these are made of real nail polish, I decided to try removing the edge with acetone rather than a nail file. The idea comes from a reader who mentioned that she cleans up around the cuticles with acetone.

Here is what I did...
Follow steps 1-4 above to apply the nail polish strip then gently pull it down, wrapping it around the tip as shown below...

Place a q-tip soaked in acetone, underneath the nail to gently melt along the edge of the strip....

Pull away the excess and you are left with a strip wrapped tip, which I personally think looks better than the file cut one. Please pardon my left over cotton fuzz...

This method is a bit messier than using a nail file, especially if you melt too much of the strip and it gets on your skin, but for me it was completely worth the effort to end up with a wrapped tip. It gives it more of a nail art vs a nail foil look.

I'd love to know what you think of these! Don't hesitate to comment below :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Nail strips were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. I just ordered a pack of these and they should be waiting in my mail box when I get home tonight! I love this design, I got 'Tis the Season, and can't wait for Christmas to come so I can wear them :D Great tip about the removal of the remainder of the strip too!

  2. From what I have hear you can put the left overs in a zip lock bag with as much of the air removed as possible and still use them a few weeks later.

  3. Twinsies!! This design looks great on you!

  4. Don't put your extras in a ziplock! The plastic in those bags is permeable, so the air will still get through and ruin your strips! Your best bet is to put them back in the plastic wrap they came in and seal them up with the silver tape in the package. Others have tried using a food saver, which may work better than a ziplock as well!

  5. Incredibly beautiful design and colours! :-)

  6. ooh excellent technique! i hate having the sawed off edge you get when you file down strips. thanks for the tip!

  7. I'm glad to hear these are flexible. I haven't tried the sets I have yet, cause they look really stiff. I love the tip of the acetone, cause I too really hate the look of using the file to cut them down. I always thought it looked messy.

    This is a great design too! A nice and easy watermarble without the mess!

  8. These decals look great!I also loved your tip for removal of the strips with a qtip. Great idea, I should totally try this! :)

  9. Thank you so much everyone! I just love this pattern from Incoco! The look of water marble without the hassle!

    You should definitely try it with melting the tip rather than filing it off. Gives it more of a nail art vs a sticker look!

    @Erica, you will love them! They have so many beautiful patterns :)

    @vwolfe, I've tried ziplock before and they don't last too long that way! See the comment from Melissa about the included silver sealing strip in each package!

    @KayJay! Yes! Twinsies! It looked beautiful on you also :)

    @Melissa, Thank you! I had been wondering what the silver strip is for!! You've solved a big mystery for me. Mine are now sealed and hopefully staying 'fresh' until I can use the leftovers :)

    @Angie, they are definitely flexible and fairly fragile. Don't make sudden movements! LOL.


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